Ms. Tammy's Music Class in East Northport

Thursday, January 27, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Baby Classes, Toddler Classes, Music Classes, Art Classes, Play Classes, Kids Classes, Baby Play, Toddler Play, Kids Play, Play GroupI have been taking my son, Noah to the East Northport Gymboree since he was 7 weeks old. That's when we first met Ms. Tammy in Level 1. We had so much fun with Ms. Tammy, my son especially loved when Ms. Tammy took out the parachute. He is now 13 months old and we attend Ms. Tammy's Music classes. Ms.Tammy is such a wonderful teacher as well as a kind and warm person. Due to Ms. Tammy's knowledge and expertise my son has developed such a love of music. He loves to clap, dance and sing. He will not go to sleep unless I sing to him and/or play some sort of relaxing music. His musical toys, actually any of his Gymboree toys are always the toys he wants to play with first. I credit this to East Northport Gymboree, and most importantly, Ms. Tammy. I will be attending Ms. Tammy's play classes for as long as I can.
I have also met and made a good friend in Ms. Tammy's class. Ms. Tammy is always informative and encouraging also very fun. All the kids love her. In fact sometimes during class my son wants to be near Ms. Tammy or sitting on her lap.
A big Thank You to Ms. Tammy for teaching us parents so much and encouraging us to play music and sing to our children at home.
We love you Ms. Tammy.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: North Babylon
State: New York

Our teachers are important to your child's love of learning.  At Gymboree Play & Music our dedicated and trained staff is always creating magical and endearing experiences that will create a foundation for loving to learn their entire life.  Once your child is familiar with the location it is nice to be able to have diverse classes to choose from.  Music classes are an important part of our curriculum and we have four levels of Music class for you and your child to choose from.  We also have eight different levels of Play & Learn classes, four different art levels and two different sports classes as well as School Skills our readiness program that has received accolades from preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers for the thoughtfulness of the program and how it really does get your child ready for their next steps.  Come and try a class for free at Gymboree Play & Music.

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