My Clubbed Foot Baby Can Climb!

Friday, July 29, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My son Flynn was born with a clubbed foot and an intestinal abnormality, both which needed surgeries and hospital stays. The clubbed foot treatment was a list of casts and leg and foot braces which most would find intimidating and mildly depressing.

Now 10 months later (and 7 casts down!) Flynn is now only wearing his braces at night. During the day, he can't get enough of Gymboree Play & Music! Some will speak of clubbed foot as a disability, but I truly believe Gymboree Play & Music has helped this not be the case. He is stronger, more social, and even more brave due to the amazing staff and facilities. He is not only hitting is developmental milestones on time, but sometimes early: and this was something that worried us!

Thank you Gymboree Play & Music in Palmetto Bay, FL for your amazing opportunities and facilities! We love you Gymbo!

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