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My New Family

My Daughter has been attending Gymboree Play & Music of Yorktown since early 2011 shortly after we moved to the USA from Canada. At present she attends once a week for School skills classes and Art classes. My husband and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at Gymbo, my daughter is always eager to attend and reluctant to leave... every morning she asks "when is it gymbo time?"

Shawn, Melanie and Megan are the most lovely people, they helped my daughter as well as myself get used to a new town, helped my daughter form strong friendships (and in the process I too have made lasting friendships).Having moved far from my home country and thus not having family nearby I am not in the habit of often leaving my children with other people outside my family, but Shawn and the other staff at Gymboree are so wonderful and I KNOW very well that when my daughter is with them during School Skills she is in the hands of people as capable and caring as my own. The center is always clean and tidy, well organized and we are ALWAYS welcomed with a big smile. We will continue to come to Gymboree until my daughter is too old to attend anymore- and that will be a sad day. Thanks.

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