One Man Musical Band

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My son Max and I love our Gymboree Music Class! WeGymboree Play & Music, Music Classes, Music Classes for Toddlers, Music Classes for Babies, Music Classes for Baby, Music Classes for Children, Music for Infants, Music Classes in California, Kids Music Classes in Northern California, Kids Music Classes in Southern California started in the baby music class when he was 7 months old. Even from the start, he was fascinated by all the songs, instruments and music activities. He'd just stare at the teacher with amazement whenever she started singing. It was great because I learned lots of different music for infants and could sing to him at home and these are now are his favorites. Now, he's a really active 2 year old and I love how the class keeps him moving, having fun and has great kids music activities. His favorite time at class is when the basket of instruments come out. He'll sit with 3 or 4 different drums and have his own one man band! I think his favorite musical style so far has been the Beatles, but I like how he gets introduced to other music styles too. I definitely plan to keep going because I feel he's learning so much and we look forward to seeing our friends in music class every week.

Class Type: Music
State: California

Musical experiences in early childhood have the power to impact every area of a child’s development. To understand the connection between music and a child’s physical, social-emotional and cognitive development, it is important to recognize that sensory experiences are the basis for all learning in early childhood.  Gymboree Play & Music has music classes for babies, toddlers, families and kids.  Express your singing voice and emerging musical knowledge through rhythm, pitch, tempo and musical forms!

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