Parachute Prom Perfection!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Parachute Prom Perfection! After hearing about a "baby prom" hosted by Gymboree Manhattan, a friend and I were determined to bring the event to Tampa. Thankfully our local Gymboree jumped on board. Hayley immediately offered to work the event and Garda set out to make it over the top. In her words, "if we are going to do this, we are going to do it right!" Parachute Prom was the talk of the Tampa mommy community- even my daughter's 20-somthing, childless, swim instructor had heard about the event and was telling all the mommies in her class about it. The excitment was high and the expectations were higher. Garda and her team literally rolled out the red carpet and made the event a smashing success! The doors to Parachute Prom opened promptly at 3 pm and the babies were invited to walk (or crawl) down the red carpet and into the event. At the end of the red carpet was a "step and repeat" photo area- complete with a parachute backdrop (of course!), fairy lights, a custom selfie frame, and a photographer on hand to snap photos (a welcome sight for mommies who are used to being behind the camera and rarely get photos of themselves ahving fun with their littles). Those photos- as well as others taken during the event as the photographer also snapped photos out on the gym floor-were then uploaded to a Shutterfly site where we were able to login and access our photos. In addition to the regular Gymboree set ups, there were also a dance floor with bubbles floating all around (thank you Hayley for all those bubbles!) and a craft area with stickers, markers, and felt shapes where the littles could decorate a photo frame to commemorate thier first prom. There were also snacks and bottles of water for the "chaperones" aka parents and Go-go pouches for the kids. While most of the children in attendance were young (7-14 months) there were a few older children there as well and the staff did a wonderful job of keeping everyone entertained and engaged in the event. The older children had a ball out on the dance floor while the youngest of the bunch were content to play with Play Balls, explore the tunnels, take a ride on the slide, or just sit back and watch the fun on the dance floor. Later in the afternoon parents started flooding Facebook with photos form Parachute Prom and the comments said it all. Those who were there were reminiscing about the fun they had and those that couldn't make it were bummed to have missed out. Parachute Prom is still the talk of the town a week later- just today I had a mom ask me when the next one will be! Garda and her team put together an amazing event and the mommies of Tampa thank them for it!

Class Type: Play & Learn 

Location: N. Tampa


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