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Wednesday, January 4, 2012 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

As soon we've moved to Louisville, KY I was wonderingBaby Activities, Meet Other Parents, Baby Fitness, Child Activity Center, Child Care Learning Center, Child Education Center, Gym for Kids, Gymfor Toddlers, Gymboree Mom what I could do with my little girl who was 9-10 months old, how to keep my girl busy and socialize with other children for her and, of course, with other mothers for me :) As soon I had enrolled my daughter into Gymboree Play & Music classes, she was so happy to meet other kids and myself to make so many friends in a new town. Most importantly, my daughter was developing, overcoming her obstacles and milestones. Since she's my first child, I was learning myself a lot too from teachers of Gymboree Play & Music and from other mommies. That was a great place for us to be and the perfect children's activity center. By the time my girl was in Play & Learn 5, my son was born and I've received a congratulations card and a 4 weeks free pass for my newborn to take Play & Music classes, since we've been enrolled there for a very long time. My son started his Gymboree Play & Learn classes from Level 2 where actually mothers sat in a circle and shared their experiences and advices with other parents (sleeping/eating patters, what books kids like to read, etc.) My boy absolutely loves that playground space there and all the balls, shakers, slides, loves to climb up and go down all the obstacles made for their age, and of course GYMBO CLOWN - music is lot's of fun :) I would definitely recommend to everyone to come and try Gymboree Play & Music classes, your kid is gonna love it, and you too. Besides meeting new friends and letting your kid to learn and develop, you'll also receive some promotional coupons from Gymboree clothing stores. (GymBucks). We had a great experience at Gymboree Play & Music and we're sad to leave that place just because my kids have overgrown it and they want to try something new, but it is a great place for infants-toddlers!!! I'd like to say Thank you very much for everything to Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Julie and all other teachers who really made a big difference in our kids' lives!!!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky

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