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Wednesday, November 24, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

It's just great to come to our play classes and let my son have fun andGymboree in Sherman Oaks, Baby Classes in Southern California, Baby Classes in Sherman Oaks, Toddler Classes in Sherman Oaks, Toddler Activities in Sherman Oaks, Kids Classes in Sherman Oaks, Play & Learn Classes be around other toddlers his age. The classes offer perfect toddler activities and we also encounter very nice teachers in a warm environment. Thanks to you all at Gymboree!

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City: Sherman Oaks
State: California

Your toddler’s ability to use a toy as a tool for imaginative play is an important step for being able to engage in pretend play, an inevitable social milestone in the young child’s development. The ability to pretend emerges by eighteen months of age and pretend play becomes more sophisticated by three years. It may seem like make believe to the adult eye, but it’s what a child uses for practicing adult roles like going to the grocery store or taking care of a baby, and acting out familiar events and actions like eating breakfast or getting ready for bed.  It’s no coincidence that expressive language skills rapidly grow around the same time that pretend play begins to emerge—social and cognitive abilities do not develop independently; they are intertwined. The use of language supports and enhances imaginary play and vice versa. When a child pretends, she uses words to express feelings and ideas. As pretend play becomes more sophisticated, so do language skills.  At Gymboree Play & Music we take these sophisticated learning opportunities and turn them into fun, active classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and children.  The best things about Gymboree Play & Music is that they are having so much fun, they never notice the learning, but you will!

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