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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Gymboree's toddler activity classes are aGymboree of Lee's Summit, Gymboree  in Missouri, Baby Class in Lee's Summit, Toddler Classes in Lee's Summit, Kids Classes Lee's Summit, Kids Classes MO great way for me to interact with my daughter in a fun and educational way, and my daughter is able to interact with other children at the same developmental level as her. We have a great time playing, singing, and learning together in her play group. The activities are fun, easy and can be re-enacted in our own home. There are several different activities and songs that reinforce the learning objectives that are well catered to her attention span. Her teacher is also wonderful. She is full of energy, knowledge, and does a wonderful job of getting all of the children to interact with each other and participate in class. She knows each child individually and notices my daughter's achievements. Aside from class time there's also open gym time available. It's a nice way to allow my daughter to explore on her own terms, meet new friends, and learn by watching the "big kids". I enjoy the open gym because I don't have to worry about children playing too rough because parents are always a hug's length away to ensure that they are interacting in a safe and loving way.

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Adults play a key role in supporting a child’s growing sense of intentionality.  Parents, caregivers and Gymboree teachers, encourage the development of children’s intentionality by asking children thoughtful questions to help them solve problems on their own.  “What do you think you need to do in order to move this bucket of balls from the floor to the top of the climbing gym so we can roll them down again?”  Point out how your child's actions helped them achieve a goal, recognizing the steps involved in achieving a goal, and not just praising the goal itself.  “I saw how carefully you aimed the ball and judged just how hard you needed to throw it. Nice basket!”  A parent can follow their child's interests and allowing them to shape their experience.  At Gymboree Play & Music we use the mantra of "Follow the Lead of the Child" to help create these learning experiences for your child in class.  Grown-ups can provide support to children, through words, actions, or objects, if they need help achieving their goals.



As the adult you can be a role model through your own curiosity, motivation, planning, and pleasure in learning.Your child intellectual, physical and emotional well being are enhanced by these activities and Gymboree Play & Music is with you every step of the way. 

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