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Tuesday, February 22, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I LOVE School Skills! I can't say that enough. I L-O-V-E, love it! Gymboree Play & Music, School Skills, Play School Activities. Playgroup Preschool, Preschool Age Activities, Preschool Art Classes, Preschool Science Classes, Preschool Skills, Preschooler Activities, Preschoolers Play, School Skills Classes, Skills for Preschool, Kids Activity CenterMy 2 girls are 5 and 3 years old and I am a stay at home mom who believes strongly in pre-school homeschooling. I want to keep them with me as long as I can and allow them to learn and grow in a safe, loving environment. With this strong belief, I knew that Gymboree School Skills would be the best choice for my girls. School Skills allows my girls to be active and crazy, as kids should be in the first 15 minutes of class. But as soon as the rainbow rope gets put away, they know it is time to exercise self control and sit with the other class members to welcome everyone. School Skills teaches so many wonderful skills for school that I encourage at home. The teachers are so loving and nurturing and give my children the attention they deserve as well as gentle guidance away from negative behavior.
Science time is my 5 year olds favorite and they really take the time with her to encourage her curiosity through the preschool age activities, rather then rush the lesson and move on. I love picking them up from class and hearing my daughter describe in detail the science projects. She uses all new vocabulary just like the teachers do at Gymboree.
My 3 year old is all about the art time. She really gets creative and does her own interpretation of the projects, and I appreciate the teachers allowing her to create as she sees fit and not discouraging her creativity. Our teachers at the Irvine Gymboree site, Casha and Eleisa are just amazing and I adore them, almost as much as my girls do.

Class Type: School Skills
City: Irvine
State: California

Gymboree Play & Music's preschool alternative class, School Skills is one of the best kept secrets of our programs.  We are already known for our world class infant and toddler classes, but we also offer preschool classes that are developmentally the perfect choice for your child (or children!).  We offer drop off classes at most locations and besides getting a preschool, we also give you the opportunity to do OpenGyms and have make-up classes if you are out.  What preschool has make up classes?  Gymboree Play & Music.  The most trusted brand for classes for children has wonderful preschool classes that will get your child ready for kindergarten. 

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