So many colors, so little mess

Friday, February 7, 2014 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Miss Alex, Art class, Sat at 1pm... Jaydon moved to School Skills class from Miss Alex's art class. We are very grateful for having Miss Alex as an art teacher. Not only is she extremely kind and patient, but is very instrumental when it comes to teaching our little ones about colors, combining colors, sharing, taking turns and staying clean. How she does that, I don't  know, but am so happy she keeps them happy, inspired and clean. We love to see her on School Skills days when she is available to help with Miss Coco's class. She's always ready in case she is needed in class. Always with such a warm smile. No wonder she is one of Jaydon's favorite people there at Gymboree!! We miss doing art class with Miss Alex, but are happy to see her when she there to help out with SS class. Thank you Miss Alex for always greeting us with a smile and kindness. It is because of teachers like you that we keep coming back.

Class Type: Art
City: Corona
State: California

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