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Learning alongside your child can be so much fun! Gymboree Play & Music's creative classes are perfect for every stage of your young child's life, with activities expertly designed to boost every facet of development. Laugh, learn and play with new friends in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Sophie's Story

Our daughter was born six Gymboree Play & Learn 5, Toddler Classes, Kids Classes, Kids Activity Center, Play, Toddler Fitness, Toddler Activitiesweeks early. We started her in baby classes at three months old to help her development through play. She loved the songs and interaction that she received at Gymboree. She is now just over two years old and in Play & Lean Level 5. She still loves coming and interacting with other children her age. I also love this class for a mommy play group and to meet other parents. I cannot drive through the parking lot without her freaking out that Gymboree is there and she wants to play. The staff is great and the baby activities are excellent!

Class Type: Play & Learn 5
City: New Berlin
State: Wisconsin


Gymboree offers an array of developmentally appropriate play, music and art classes for you to enjoy with your child. Creative activities, equipment, toys and props change from class to class to ensure maximum challenge for your child, whether four months or five years of age. Trained Gymboree teachers facilitate activities for you to experience with your child, and introduce children to parallel play activities that will eventually evolve into cooperative, self-initiated play.  Go to your local Gymboree Play & Music for the best baby classes.  Try a class for free in any of our locations world wide. 


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