Sports II for my girly girl

Thursday, November 25, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Sports Classes for Kids, Girlie Sports Classes, Gymboree Sports, Active Play Classes, Learning Sports, Kids Sports Lessons, Children Playing SportsRaising my first daughter has been an entirely different childhood experience than mine when I was her age. She loves pink, high heels and lipstick. She's now four and cares about what clothes she wears and is well, yep.... a girly girl! I on the other hand, grew up with two brothers and was highly influenced to run and play as hard as they did. I was always involved in gymnastics play and sports and see the importance of being active and fit. We had been enrolled in other Play & Learn classes together and when she turned four, we decided to try the kids fitness class, Sports. I was a little nervous for her knowing she's not the sporty type but, at the same time, was truly excited, observing her smile when she started stretching at the beginnning of class. The teacher was fun and movitating as she introduced new fitness activities for kids, group plays and movement activities for the kids. My daughter was making new friends and was building her confidence, feeling good about her accomplishments. My daughter may always be a girly girl at heart but in this day and age, its important she has a healthy self-image of herself by being physically active. I love Gymboree's Sports classes. Its been a great fitness fun class for my daughter. She is learning specific sports skills in a non-competitive and fun enviornment!

Class Type: Sports and Play & Learn
City: San Jose
State: California






Adults play a key role in supporting a child’s growing sense of confidence.  Parents, caregivers and Gymboree teachers, encourage development of children’s confidence by:

· Instilling a sense of trust and security in children so they feel safe to

attempt new challenges

· Recognizing their efforts, not just the outcome which lets them know that

their hard work is valued regardless of outcome

· Providing the support they need to master a new challenge rather than

doing it completely for them

· Sharing what you like or appreciate about them

· Helping them understand themselves better


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