Standing By Himself!

Friday, March 4, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My son was delayed in his gross motor skills due to prematurity and some lGymboree, Gymboree Play & Music, Childhood Development, Child Education Center, Child Early Learning Center,  Child Care Learning Center, Child Play Group, Child Stimulation, Classes for Babies, Classes for Toddlers, Classes for Kidsigament problems in his legs. At 11 months all he could do was sit and stand holding onto something with both hands. He hadn't turned over, attempted to crawl or cruise. While the doctors were just "watching", I thought Gymboree play classes would help encourage him. And low and behold one day during the play activities "stations" he let go and stood by himself for 10 seconds. It was so wonderful seeing my son doing something that I thought was months away. Thank you Gymboree Play & Music for providing a terrific early childhood development center.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Dallas
State: Texas

When looking for a baby play group, Gymboree has the perfect solution. Gymboree Play & Music has baby classes throughout the Dallas market. We are located in Dallas, Plano, Allen, Lewisville and Southlake. Gymboree's philosophy is that children learn best when allowed to actively explore in an environment that is fun and appeals to their natural curiosity and desire to learn, supported by the people who matter most in their lives. Children love to watch other children and challenge themselves to achieve what others around them are doing. Gymboree Play & Music allows your children to learn and play with other children their own age and benefit from learning not only from there teachers, but from there classmates.

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Holly Burch
Thursday, March 10, 2011
My son's situation ia very similar to this. He is 20 months old, walks some but not all the way, takes a lot of encouragement to get up and do it. We have been in gymboree for 2 months and had physical therapy which his doctor finally reccommended him for and I have seen a ton of improvement!! I credit a lot to gymboree since he has only had the physical therapy for 2 weeks at this point. I love what they do there and he is so excited to go!!

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