Teacher Mykie

Thursday, March 24, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Teacher Mykie is amazing - I'm not sure we would come to Wonderful Teachers, Gymboree Play & Learn Classes, Activities for Infants, Activities for Babies, Activities for Toddlers, Baby Play Group, Toddler Play Group, Gymboree Play & Music Gymboree play classes if we didn't have her as a teacher. I have a background in child development as well as dance education and have been an arts/dance educator for over 12 years - so I bring my professional experience along whenever making a decision about which activities are worth while for my baby and which aren't valuable beyond social interaction with other children. Teacher Mykie gets all of the parents singing along with her - she engages the children - and she creates a safe space for parents to discus things as a group as well as feel comfortable to do so in small groups while the children are exploring. I don't feel like we are coming to a class where parents are judging each other or heatedly debating what is best when making parenting decisions; and for that I am grateful to her as a facilitator and leader. She is just the right amount of calm quiet and excited exuberance. Bravo Mykie!

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
City: San Mateo
State: California

Gymboree Play & Music's growth and success is directly related to the excellence of our teachers. Thanks to their passion, commitment and preparation, our customers come back time and time again. Our baby and toddler activities are specifically designed to benefit every child at their individual level. See you next class!

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