Teachers are Nice, Accommodating, and Trustworthy

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I would like to thank the Gymboree Play & Music of Nottingham Family for being a part of Mikhaila's early childhood development. She has grown up to be a fun-loving, kid-friendly, and well-disciplined young girl. She enjoyed every class she attended because the teachers are nice, accommodating, and trustworthy. She graduated from School Skills last month and started going to Tiny Tots, in a program for 3 year old kids. She is one of the most well-behaved students, while I am one of the most relaxed moms. She was able to follow her teachers' instructions like sitting with her legs crossed, hands on lap, and mouth closed while listening to the one talking, many thanks to her caring School Skills teacher Ms. Sue, for imparting this and a lot more to her. Gymboree Play & Music is truly worth joining, this is the perfect place to prepare your child for school, and also to prepare parents in dropping off their children to school.

Honestly, it was heart-breaking for me that Mikhaila has grown old enough to graduate from Gymboree Play & Music because I loved seeing the staff and other parents each week, soooo it is a great thing that I also have a younger daughter whom I can bring there. And so the fun continues!

Thanks a lot,

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