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Saturday, May 10, 2014 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My daughter Madison began Gymboree in July of 2012 in level 2. We had our preview class with Sara Clark and my daughter had an immediate attachment. In September of 2012 Madison joined Gymboree as a lifetime member and began taking music and play and learn classes. From month to month Madison became more involved in her classes. She looked forward to going and especially seeing her teachers Sara Clark and Robert Cava. Madison learned to crawl and walk at Gymboree. Her teachers Sara and Robert were a part of her 1st and 2nd birthdays. She is a very determined little girl and has gone through phases of what she will and will not do at Gymboree. One phase is when she became scared of parachute time. Sara and Robert were so accommodating and made her feel comfortable. She now lays under the parachute every chance she gets. Another phase was her needing to see Gymbo for the entire class. One particular day Sara allowed Madison to hold Gymbo and she did not let go for the entire class. She could not have been happier.

In November of 2013 Madison became a big sister. At first she was adjusting well to the change but in March of 2014 we noticed a change in her. She was bored and needed more to focus her energy. Sara and Robert suggested she try School Skills. We began classes on March 13, 2014 and it has been the best thing for my daughter. She loves going each day and talks about what she does at School Skills for the rest of the day. She has two additional teachers, Miss Meryl and Mr John that she talks about all time. When you ask Madison who her friends are she will say "Miss Meryl, Miss Sara, Mr Robert, and Mr John." Her vocabulary has grown ten fold in just 2 months. She also can count 1-10 with ease and recognizes most of the letters in the alphabet.

These are just a few examples of my experience at Gymboree. There are not enough thank yous that could be said to Madison's teachers. I love seeing the smile of her face and the look of excitement over new things she is learning. I feel the program is excellent for young children. I have signed my son Mason up for a lifetime membership as well. I am looking forward to seeing him reach milestones at such a family friendly environment.

Class Type: Play & Learn
First Name: Deanna
City: Plainview
State: New York

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