Thankful for Gymboree Music Nashville

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Hi Janine,

Just wanted to let you know that Hannah LOVES Gymboree music class. I can see that she is learning so much about basic musical structure from her time spent in class. Each day, she requests that I play a song that she heard in class. After dancing to the song, she will occasionally sing the lyrics. She even substitutes lyrics in a song to reflect something that is happening in her own life, but still sings out the same tune (if that makes sense). If the song has a distinctive beat, she will use a spoon, or an empty Pringles tube to tap out the beat.

Personally, I wasn't raised in a home that emphasized music appreciation, and the schools that I attended were very focused on academics. When Hannah was born, I wanted to prepare her for life and academic success. My research on early childhood development indicated that exposure to music is an important component for healthy brain development.

I am so thankful that we have Gymboree Play and Music in Nashville. Over the last six months, Hannah has been exposed to a variety of musical genres from different eras and countries. She isn't the only one that is learning! Because of Gymboree music class, she and I have had the opportunity to hear new sounds, like the soothing sounds of the gamelan that were featured during Asian Music Week. Also, I would have never thought to have introduced early 80's synthesizer music at home, and Hannah can't get enough of it. During 70's rock band week, she really enjoyed the music of Queen. Hannah continues to request Queen at home, and loves to sing and tap out the beat to We Will Rock You.

The person delivering the message is extremely important to the success of the class. Thank you for sharing your love of music and musical talents to enhance the lives of young children, and their families.

-Bryce H.

Class Type: Music
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee

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