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There's more to sports at Gymboree!

For two years now, I have been teaching drop-off sports classes in Carmel, Indiana. I have the most fun watching my big kids master all of the basics of the sports we play each week and seeing their confidence grow. I know my students are developing important physical skills in sports classes, but Gymboree sports classes offer so much more. Friday in my sports class, we were sitting down for water break after our gymnastics skill building workout. The class must have been extra demanding that day because almost every one of my students asked for a second drink of water, and I was so impressed to hear every one of my students ask, "May I have another drink, please?" After that great display of manners, we continued on in our day, where we cheered on our friends as they practiced forward rolls and safe landings. Not only did we practice building our physical strengths, we practiced building our social strengths as well!

Class Type: Sports
City: Carmel
State: Indiana

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