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Learning alongside your child can be so much fun! Gymboree Play & Music's creative classes are perfect for every stage of your young child's life, with activities expertly designed to boost every facet of development. Laugh, learn and play with new friends in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Two Thumbs Up!

Gymboree Classes, Baby Classes in LA, Toddler Classes in LA, Kids Classes in LA, Toddler Fitness LA, Toddler Play Groups LA, Tots Play, Child Play Group LAGymboree Play & Learn is always a positive experience. My son LOVES the teacher and LOVES his toddler play group. His teacher is so energetic and wonderful at all times. The site is clean, fun and we love that we can go to open gym in addition to the regular play classes.

Class Type: Play & Learn 6
City: Los Angeles
State: California

Gymboree Play & Music have the best in infant, toddler and children's activities at our wonderful child friendly places.  We truly are a family fun place for your family. We love to work on your child's imagination in our level 6 classes.  For example, when your child begins to pretend, engage him in conversation. If he hands you a ball and says, “it’s an apple,” ask him where he got it: From the store? An apple tree? Bring up relevant words and ideas to enhance the play: Let’s make an apple pie? What do we need to make pie dough? Expand on his words and see where he goes with it.  It’s important to support pretend play because it encourages your child to use cognitive skills like problem solving (what ingredients do we need for an apple pie), and perspective taking (how does a baker make a pie). The ability to pretend develops on its own without your intervention. You can help take your child’s pretending to the next level.  Some of these simple ideas develop complex cognitive development.  At Gymboree Play & Music is is as easy as pie!


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