We Love Gymbo!

Sunday, December 5, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Gymboree Play & Learn Classes, Gymboree in Irving, TX, Kids Classes in Texas, Gymbo, Baby Classes in Texas, Toddler Classes in TexasI love everything about Gymboree Play & Learn classes! When we first started my son was shy and cried every time anyone talked to him.  However, his teacher (Miss Kelly) was so nice to him and give him time to adjust to the class, so he became more social. I always talk to my friends about our Gymboree stories and now two of them have put their kids in the different play classes. We all like the way they treat people. These classes have truly improved his development through play and Gymboree is a wonderful place for me to meet other parents. They are so great and we love you all!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Irving
State: Texas

Toys are also tools for imaginative play. To the toddler, a beanbag is no longer just a soft weighted object that can be held or tossed. It becomes a telephone to hold at your ear, cheese to put on a sandwich, or a present to give to a friend. What can you as a parent do to support your child as she experiments with toys and begins to use them as social tools? Provide your child with stimulating toys as well as opportunities to explore them at home or in playgroups. Play programs, like Gymboree Play & Music, foster interactive activities and provide developmentally appropriate toys for the young mind to explore.  Young children enjoy learning through physical play because it helps them refine budding motor skills. It teaches them to control their bodies, develop confidence and understand their abilities and limits. Physical play can also redirect frustration and pent up energy caused from the stress of encountering new situations. To support physical play, provide climbing pieces like steps or stairs for your child to tackle under your supervision.

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