We love Gymboree!

Friday, November 19, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

We are Gymboree Lee's Summit, Play Classes Lee's Summit, Play Classes MO, Baby Classes Lee's Summit, Baby Classes MO, Toddler Play Lee's Summit, Toddler Play MO, Toddler Classes Lee's Summit, Toddler Classes MO, Kids Classes Lee's Summit, Kids Classes MOso happy to be a part of Gymboree in Missouri. My 14 month old has so much fun and has learned so much through your toddler fitness classes! He loves exploring in the ever-changing gym set ups and gets so excited when Gymbo comes out to play peek-a-boo! Thank you for providing such a wonderful outlet for such young children and a great resource for parents!

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
City: Lee's Summit
State: Missouri

At this age, children are already very skilled communicators.  They “talk” with you using complex facial expressions, sounds (“mama”), and actions (leading you by the hand and pointing to a banana).  Being an effective communicator is essential for forming relationships, for letting others know what you think, want or need, and for building confidence that you can effectively communicate with others.   At Gymboree Play & Music we have b
aby movement games that encourage your child's physical skills like balance, coordination and lower body strength.   These games also promote speech and language skills as babies hear the same songs repeated in each class and begin to learn the words themselves.  Gymboree Play & Music also has unique and colorful equipment for equipment exploration.  When babies are free to explore inclines, slides, tunnels, and more it nurture babies’ confidence and self-esteem as they are able to practice and master new equipment and skills.  They are also building physical skills like coordination, strength, balance, and spatial awareness.  In addition, equipment activities deepen the trust between baby and parent, as babies turn to their loved ones for help and support as they take on new challenges.   If you are looking for a great gym for toddlers with physical activities for children, come to Gymboree Play & Music! 

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