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We love Gymboree of Murray Hill, NY

My son has been attending the Gymboree of Murray Hill for almost one year. We live on the West side, but I stroll my son across town weekly just to come to this Gymboree location. The staff is incredible-they truly have a gift for educating and entertaining children. Each time we walk through the door of this location, we are greeted with a warm and friendly hello and they are so sweet and caring toward my son. He ALWAYS!!! has a great time here! The employees all get along so well and it makes for such a comfortable and fun environment.

I recently went to a local competitor and was totally surprised and disappointed to see how some of the staff acted during classes. One employee greeted my son and said she would help him stack blocks and once he came near her, she walked away without a word. Employees in one class were constantly checking the time and appeared to be rushing through the class. Even the open play area is nothing compared to that of Gymboree. In one of the classes, they have a song about "what is on sale", to notify caregivers and parents about the "sale" item. Why make a song about that? In addition to the ridiculous prices and policies, it was clear to me that this place was more about money making than making sure babies and children were entertained. Although this location was 5 minutes from where I live, I am willing to walk across town to come to this Gymboree location!

From the staff, to the decor, to the classes, Gymboree of Murray Hill is awesome. Besides my son having a great time, I always have fun as well-especially watching him there. Definitely a place we look forward to going to each week!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: New York
State: New York

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