We love our Gymboree Play & Music teacher!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I wanted to give praise to our Gymboree teacher, Ms. Jackie at the Jacksonville, FL location. From the first day of our trial class, Ms. Jackie was warm, inviting, and most importantly to me, not pushy about joining the program. We indeed ended up enrolling in the class and have been there since January. My daughter recently moved to Level 2 and has experienced classes with and without Ms. Jackie. While the other teacher is good, my experiences have shown me that Ms. Jackie is an EXCEPTIONAL Gymboree teacher. My daughter smiles with her and she is always very friendly and encouraging. In addition, she takes the time to really listen and remembers things we’ve discussed week to week. I can tell she really has a passion for her job and enjoys doing what she does. Ms. Jackie makes me feel as though I have a reliable resource in this new city. When I asked her about information on paint for finger/footprints for my daughter, she suggested a ceramic place in town. We went to create a Father’s day gift and it was an amazing place and a wonderful recommendation. In addition, because of her many years of experience, Ms. Jackie takes the time to discuss any ideas that she has heard from other parents on different issues, such as teething. I find this to be very valuable as a new mom without a huge support system around me. I can honestly say that Gymboree would not be as enjoyable as it has been for me throughout these past months if it were not for Ms. Jackie. Not only is my daughter benefitting tremendously from the activities and Ms. Jackie’s attention and teaching style, but I am also benefitting as well. Ms. Jackie is a huge asset to your program and deserves recognition

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