We Love School Skills!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

KrisWe Love School Skills!ta is a fantastic teacher for the School Skills class. She is energetic and sweet with the children, but is also able to be firm and follow through with discipline when needed, which is great - consistency is very much needed in the life of a 3 year old! My daughter asks me almost every day, "is today a Gymboree day?" Her school skills class is great for improving her school social skills and has well prepared preschooler activities. My daughter has made many new friends, and is always so proud of her projects and has a wonderful time being a great explorer. I would recommend the School Skills class as a great "pre-preschool" experience!

Class Type: School Skills
City: Santa Clara
State: California

Curiosity is the desire to learn. It is an eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out. The more curious a child is, the more he or she learns.  Curiosity is at the heart of lifelong learning and school success.  Babies are born curious. They come into the world with a drive to understand how the world works.  Parents and caregivers don’t have to ‘make’ their children curious. They don’t have to push or force their children to learn. In fact, research shows that it is a child’s internal desire to learn, not external pressure, that motivates him or her to seek out new experiences and leads to greater success in school over the long term.  However, adults do play a key role in supporting a child’s eagerness to learn.  Parents, caregivers and Gymboree Play & Music teachers, encourage the development of children’s curiosity by, instilling a sense of trust and security in children so they feel safe to venture out and explore.  Follow your preschoolers lead which lets them know their interests are valued.  Introduce your child to an appropriate level of challenge into their play.  Allow your children opportunities to explore their interests in new ways.  Extend your children’s learning to help them master new concepts and ideas.  At Gymboree Play & Music we have been fostering curiosity for preschoolers for thirty five years.  We have the best activities and classes for children up to five years of age.   


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