Do you play with your infant?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 by Gymboree Talks

Everything about those first days, weeks and months at home with your newborn are exciting, terrifying, delightful, overwhelming, enjoyable and exhausting - to name just a few emotions!  There is so much to enjoy, but also so much to learn... how to feed, change, burp, clothe, hold, comfort and soothe your new little bundle...  Every day holds new delights and new challenges.

Then just as you're thinking you're starting to get the hang of things, someone asks you, "So what are you doing to stimulate your baby?" and "Do you play with your infant?"  Your response, as your eyes cross with weariness and concern, is a big, "Huh?!"  (You were expecting to play with your little guy or gal once they are crawling, toddling, etc., but now??)  

So how do you play with a newborn - 6 month baby, you wonder?  Are there really appropriate activities for infants?  What happens in Mommy and Baby classes?  These are questions Gymboree Play & Music loves to explore in Play & Learn 1 classes (Infant classes that start at birth - 6mos of age).

Wait!!  Did that just say starting from birth?

Absolutely!  Newborns as young as 8 days old, have brought their new parents to Play & Learn 1!!

But babies don't do anything at that age? 

Right... and wrong!  Play & Learn 1 classes gently stimulate your baby's developing visual, auditory and tactile senses, using a variety of props and techniques including songs, finger-plays, colorful finger puppets, scarves, shape shakers, rainbow makers and more).  The variety and experience changes frequently, increasing babies exposure to new and engaging activities.

As much as baby loves the stimulation, this class is made for grown-ups, too!  Where else can you go where you are nurtured in your new, lead role as parent/provider and welcomed... NO - "applauded" for getting out of your robe and making it to class?  This is the perfect place for weary parents, grandparent and care providers to share their concerns, hopes and ideals for their mini-me!  In this friendly, embracing atmosphere, there will also be an opportuity to shed some of that weariness, as you are re-energized by the connections you make with other, weary new-parent souls!

So, what are you waiting for?  There is no time like today for meeting your soon-to-be best friend AND for playing with your baby!

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