Enroll at Gymboree... What's in it for me?

Saturday, January 22, 2011 by Gymboree Talks

If you’re visiting this site and contemplating Play & Learn classes for your little one, you’re probably at a point where you have more questions than answers.  Most new parents have questions ranging from “What age does my baby have to be to get started?” to “Which class is best for my little one?” or “What does a Gymboree Play & Music membership include?”  As the worldwide leader in parent-child interactive play programs, we’ve been providing baby activities, early childhood development activities and creative kids activities for over 35 years.  So, when we say "we know what you’re looking for in mommy and baby classes," we mean it!

You probably expect that there’ll be some fun activities, songs and games for your child, but do you have any idea what’s in it for you?  Trust me, you are in for such a treat! Do you remember the best part about being a child in school?  Well, joining a Gymboree class will include those same, happy memories such as getting to spend time with your best buds, making wonderful new friends, seeing your favorite teachers, sharing thoughts and ideas, and commiserating with others that are going through the very same life experiences.  (Maybe you'll even show off a new outfit)!

There might have been some worries or nerves when you were in school, but the playing field has been leveled!  You are a parent now and you possess the one and only prize that will gain you admittance, acceptance and membership at Gymboree...  you're amazing child!  There is no fear at Gymboree!  You will find warm acceptance, understanding, and yes, even appreciation for getting you and your little guy or gal out the door to class!  Remember, at Gymboree, the fun isn’t just for the child!

We always say “you make life-long friends in a Gymboree class” and there are friendships around the world, that prove it.  Come in and start one today! As for me, I'm off to have lunch with my life-long friend from Gymboree... some 30 years later!  How time flies when you're having fun!

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