Golf Week

Friday, April 15, 2011 by Gymboree Talks

Children at Gymboree Play & Music are currently busy learning about golf! Yes, pre-schoolers can grasp the basic skills of golf right now. As adults our natural instinct is to say "I can't give my child a golf club, he will swing it all around." Yes, this may happy, but in our Sports classes, prior to distributing equipment, we introduce the sports through theme cards, asking questions, demonstrations, as well as setting the guidelines for the class and equipment. It's been amazing to see how children respond and understand the concepts presented.

Teaching sports classes to pre-schoolers requires patients in allowing children to have the time they need to understand and figuring how to coordinate their bodies to do the task at hand, like holding a golf club. That's the first step. Once they understand how to stand, hold the golf club and swing, the next challenge is to hit the golf ball. Wow, sounds easy, right, but not for children. Each time children practice the skills they are gaining confidence on what they achieve. Sports classes offer the perfect preschooler skills and fitness activities for children.

This week in sports classes, I had a child standing on a piece of equipment with a slide attached with the goal to hit the golf ball down the slide into a tube. He tried several times, but the ball kept sliding over the tube. Determine to try again; he finally hit the ball gently enough for it to land into the tube. Everyone clapped and cheered, YAY you did it! When asked "how did you get the ball in this time", he responded "I didn't swing so hard". The joy on this child's face was priceless.

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