Inspire the Musician Within!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 by Gymboree Talks

It's never to early to start Music classes with your infant. Musical development is just like language development. Children understand many words before they can actually speak those words and use them in phrases and sentences. The same is true for musical learning! Early exposure and experience is the key to learning to sing in tune, match a beat, express rhythum patterns on a instrument and much more. You wouldn't dream of not speaking to your child until she spoke her first words! So what are you waiting for? The earlier you get started in Gymboree Music classes, the more beneficial and rewarding the experience will be for you and your child!

Our Music classes provide a small class size, a gentle age appropriate structure and a playful approach to musical learning! Be prepared to sing, dance, play all kinds of instruments and fun filled musical games. Music has a special way of connecting people to one another and music classes is a place where friendships are born. You and your child will have so much fun, you'll find it hard to believe it's learning al all! But rest assured - Gymboree Music classes are designed by early childhood music experts and meet both National and International standards for early childhood music. Come to Gymboree Play & Music and experience the wonder of Gymboree Music classes today!

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