It's Pizza Time!

Thursday, April 21, 2011 by Gymboree Talks

Calling all pizza lovers! These children Play & Learn 5 love this lesson and really get into pretending to make pizzas. From tossing balls into a barrel to make pizza sauce, and of course colorful balls turn into heirloom tomatoes and then, so much fun as they toss the barrel over and all the wonderful pretend sauce rolls everywhere. Next we have to roll out the pizza dough. I lay down on the mat with the children and allow the adults to roll the big log over myself and children as the pizza dough. Every time I do these toddler activities in class, I say to myself: “the things I do for Gymboree Play and Music?” It’s all worth it, but I do get back at the adults saying: “If I can get down and have you roll the airlog over me, then your job at home is to make your little one a real pizza. Reinforce with your child that we pretended to make pizza today.”

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