"More! More!" - The Benefits of Repetition

Saturday, February 19, 2011 by Gymboree Talks

Your smile hurts and your head is aching, but you pop out saying "Peek-a-boo" for what must be the 100th time, to the delight and squeals of your little one!  Then, to your dismay, they clap their hands and engage their body and voice in bouncing to their favorite mantra, "More! More! Again! Again!"  How can they continue to thrill to this endless cycle of repitition?  Why aren't they cranky with fatigue and boredom?

The benefits of repetition are huge for little ones... it literally builds your child's brain!  That's right, the aching knees you have from giving repeat horse-y rides, are actually creating neural pathways in the brain that result in learning!  Your child's brain is wired to pick up patterns of sight, sound and movement through repetition!  "Neighhhhhh!"

Fortunately, repetition is king at Gymboree Play & Music!  Whether you're in a Play & Learn Level 1 class, exploring activities for infants or enjoying creative kids activities in Level 6, each time your child repeats a Gymboree activity, theme, song or story, she attends to new information and learns something new - a new word, concept or way to use her body and mind.

Early learning through repetition may have you anticpating "nap time" hours ahead of schedule, but rest assured (when you finally do get to rest) that this endless cycle is building your child's memory and confidence, contributing to motor skill development, expanding your child's understanding of the world and how it works, building a sense of trust that is critical to developing healthy relationships with others and helping your child feel good about himself, reminding him of what he CAN do!

Okay... that being said... "Peek-a-boo!" :)

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