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Friday, March 18, 2011 by Gymboree Talks

Everyone that has heard the expression, 'It takes a village to raise a child', can more than appreciate the sentiment.  We are keenly aware of the demands of parenthood, whether you're a full time stay-at-home Mom or Dad, or the 'juggler' that balances both parenting and work outside the home.  We are all more than grateful for those helping hands whenever they appear, but especially when the demands of our children exceed our own two hands, capabilities or energy!

So what can 'the village' offer when your child wants to play?  Of course we love it when our child is entertained at home by a sibling, spouse or grandparent, giving us a few minutes to get something done.  However, the repetition of child's play (e.g. chasing a ball over and over again) can fatigue even the hardiest of parents or grandparents!

Allowing your child to play in a larger community is one of the richest experiences you can provide them.  Children's early learning programs offered by Gymboree Play & Music will not only introduce them to an exciting environment filled with colorful and challenging equipment, but will foster expanded learning through play and music in a variety of ways.  Fine and gross motor development are challenged and developed in a bright and inviting atmosphere.  There is child intellectual development through lessons filled with fun and developmentally appropriate activities, including plenty of repetition - the key to their learning!  How wonderful is it that your child's demands for 'More! More!' and 'Do it again!' are an integral part of every program!

Most importantly, we are social beings and the communities that gather for Play & Learn Classes are natural wells for teaching social skills to children.  Observing their peers' participation produces child stimulation that can generate a 'monkey-see, monkey-do' response, trigger an emotional reaction or get the wheels turning to figure out how the world works.  Whatever their response to the stimulation, the value of the exposure to a larger community is one that is rich far beyond the benefit of having extra hands to help... or to chase a ball... just one more time!

We invite you and your child to attend a Free Class today!  Our free class pass has a promotional offer.  If you enroll now online you can place the promotional code SP10WEB to save $20.00 today.  Find a location near you to attend Gymboree Play & Music!

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