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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 by Gymboree Talks

Getting ready for Kindergarten can be just as intense as applying for college. There is a lot of pressure on children to be successful in school and parents feel this pressure as well. This success often leans towards knowing basic skills such as: letters and letter sounds, numbers, colors and shapes. With the emphasis places on academics, many children go to Kindergarten with what they need to know. However; they lack important social skills to be successful in school.

A Gymboree, our School Skills classes prepare children for Kindergarten and future school success with a uniquely designed program for ages 3-5 years old. The program is based on 7 key school social skills that teach children how to learn. The program focuses on developing social-emotional skills such as curiosity, confidence and cooperation.

Children are engaged in science, art, story time, pre-writing and movement activities that help to develop these school social skills in a fun and developmentally appropriate way. Children are also introduced to basic skills such as as letters, letter sounds, numbers and shapes in fun, hands-on approach.

At Gymboree, we offer a positive play-filled environment that children enjoy with preschool age activities. Our skilled Gymboree teachers are nurturing and have experience working with both parents and children in our younger parent-child classes. A strong rapport with parents allows them to communicate effectively about the progress children are making in class. Our teachers value the parents' role in their child's life and take time to share the learning experience after each class.

Children have a higher success rate in school when they have the social skills needed to learn and work appropriately in a classroom setting. Through our small ten to two teacher to student ratio, stories, experiments and writing activities, Gymboree's School Skills classes is a great preschool alternative program that will prepare children well for school success.

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