Play & Learn 1

0 - 6 months

Babies' senses are enlivened with songs, dances and prop play. Learn how to build your baby's curiosity, strength and body awareness while acquiring a repertoire of songs and exercises that help boost baby's growing brain and body. You'll be exposed to floating scarves, beams of light and new cradle songs to sing goodnight.

0-6 months. Babies' senses are enlivened with songs, dances and prop play. Learn how to build your baby's curiosity, strength and body awareness while acquiring a repertoire of songs and exercises that help boost baby's growing brain and body. You'll be exposed to floating scarves, beams of light and new cradle songs to sing goodnight. Enroll Now »

6-10 months. Babies' emerging mobility is given an excellent workout with ramps, slides and dances that start on the ground and soar to the sky in this peek-a-boo university. From those first kicks in baby soccer to the balance required in tummy surfing, it's hard to imagine there's time left for a parent discussion, but there is! Enroll Now »

10-16 months. With cruising and communicating in mind, this class introduces your baby to ramps, rides and rhymes to build the balance and language opportunities that flourish at this age. Parents learn the art of spotting their mobile explorers as bouncing, pushing and climbing opportunities take center stage. Whether riding a slide or parachute, coordination and confidence are in full swing for these little communicators. Enroll Now »

16-22 months. They're up and down, they're in and out, that's what this active class is all about! Our playscapes transform into the perfect problem-solving course for these active toddlers. Through tunnels, slides, cooperative games and lots of balls, children will learn about patterns and sequences. From climbing way up high, to sliding way down low, there's so many places they'll learn to go! Enroll Now »

22-28 months. Your child's world is transformed by the ability to pretend at this age. Our classes lead the way with play themes that are only limited by the imagination. Hide and seek a special treasure, sail a ship across the sea, or spread your wings like a bird in flight. Children explore special props that encourage language development and creative play. Games, songs and pretend play activities support social interaction and learning. Enroll Now »

28-36 months. The perfect bridge to emerging independence, this class invites group and independent activities designed to help your child with listening skills and interactive play. Story time and concept items spark imagination and cooperative play, while more complex dances, games and play scenarios exercise the body and your child's ability to link ideas with greater confidence and independence. Enroll Now »

I love Play & Learn, Level 1!

I love the class very much! I always look forward to taking my daughter. The teachers are great, very involved with the parents and babies, and it's always fun and enjoyable. I'm so happy I found this facility so close to home and I will continue to take my daughter here and my future children :)

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)

Great Way for Both of Us to Meet New People

My daughter is 4 months old now and we started going to Gymboree Play & Music when she was 2 months. It has been a great way for both of us meet new people. We both have a great time and look forward to all the fun actives each week. Miss Lindsiee and all the other teachers have been great. You can tell they love their jobs and the kids they work with.

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)

Awesome Place for my Baby!

This is our third class at Gymboree Play and Music. My 5 month old baby boy has enjoyed his classes since the beginning, smiling all the time. It is great seeing him having a good time. He is my first baby and I was looking for a place with a good background for Infant early stimulation. I found good references about Gymboree by internet which is the reason I chose it.
Miss Lindsie Comerford is great, fun and adorable, every class is different with her that is good for the babies, can't wait to take my little one for his next classes and see how much he will improve.

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)

Love in Level 1

I've been taking my 3 month old daughter to this location for the last month and we absolutely LOVE it! Our instructor, Elle is wonderful. She is very sweet to the babies and adults. The routines that we do are so much fun; we love the music and activities!

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)


Sad to leave level 1

I started bringing my daughter to GymboreeGymboree Classes, Gymboree Columbus, Kids Classes in Columbus, Baby Classes in Columbus, Baby Acitivities in Columbus, Baby Play Columbus, Infant Classes Columbus Play & Music in Gahanna, Ohio when she was 5 weeks old. She is now about to move up to Play & Learn 2 next week and as I think about all our fun play classes I remember how much fun we've had and am amazed at how much she's developed. She had two big milestones in class, rolling over and sitting unassisted. She does so well during tummy time and loves looking around at her Gymboree friends. I think her favorite part is the parachute play. She's always so calm and attentive watching the colors. My favorite part is the baby boogies. I love learning new interactive activities that I can do with my daughter at home. Thank you Miss Caitlin for always welcoming us and teaching us something new. We love our Gymboree family and are sad to leave Play & Learn 1 but we're excited for all the fun we'll have in Play & Learn 2.

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Columbus
State: Ohio


Josh makes our day better

Josh was our instructor at the Cedar Pababy play, baby classes, classes for babies, classes for toddlers, learning to walk, developmental classes, gym for toddlersrk location of Gymboree Play & Music. Both of my boys are autistic and I was very worried they would enjoy the environment of Gymboree.- Thanks to Josh I didn't have to worry. His easy and accepting nature- and his beautiful singing voice entranced and kept us engaged and enjoying our class week after week. Josh is a truly amazing person and we are lucky to have known him and enjoyed our Gymboree classes so very much.

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Cedar Park
State: Texas


Amazing time

My first time in class for babies was amazing. I was looking for a place that could properly stimulate my child according to their age and where they could share with other children. These Play & Learn classes have helped my baby become more attentive to visual and auditory stimuli. Also, the Gymboree Play & Music teachers are friendly with all the babies.

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Sacramento
State: California

Colette is awesome!

Colette is so awesome. She has a cheery disposition, a positive attitude, she has great baby knowledge and she has the voice of an angel. She is what makes Gymboree Play & Music in Canton, MA as good as it is. My baby is memorized by her! Colette is a true asset to the Gymboree organization!

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)

Easter parade

My daughter faith was all dressed up for Easter and I Gymboreetook her to the parade and the star ledger thought she was so cute the put her picture in the paper

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Wall
State: New Jersey


Gymboree Play Soothing for New Mom and Baby

My son had colic for the first 3 months of his life, I didn't know how to make him hGymboree Play & Musicappy and it was upsetting as a first time parent to feel like you were failing. In his 2nd month we started attending Gymboree classes where I learned different ways to try to soothe him and received support from other Mom's and our teacher that made me realize that I wasn't failing as a parent. On his 3rd month it was like a light switch, he started smiling and coo-ing in class and chasing the bubbles with his eyes. Things only continued to improve and I attribute it to attending the Gymboree classes; the classes helped me build confidence as a new Mom and give me the tools to engage with my newborn. Lawrence is almost six months now and I continue to be amazed at the new things that he does, at this last class he was reaching out and popping the bubbles on his own and grabbing his rain stick all while smiling widely at his little friends in class! He truly is a changed baby and I attribute that to Gymboree!

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Suffolk
State: Virginia


Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

The father-daughter relationship doesn’t come natural to all dads. To those of usGymboree Play & Music like myself, who grew up with only brothers, it isn’t exactly easy figuring out ways to play and relate to your daughter. While I love my daughter, Paisley, more than life itself, there are times when I just cannot feel the connection that I believe I’m supposed to be feeling. To someone who grew up wanting nothing more than to be a dad this can be extremely difficult to deal with. Then it all changed when my wife dragged me (not quite kicking and screaming) with her and Paisley to Gymboree class one day.

My time with Paisley at Gymboree class is something hard to articulate with mere words. The connection that I was trying so hard to feel isn’t something I can just describe. All I know is that when I would participate with Paisley and do the activities Ms. Nikki (our Sunday Gymboree instructor) would show us, I almost instantly felt what I had been missing. Playing with Paisley at class gives me a way to interact with my daughter and not feel like it is something forced or uncomfortable. When I’m singing to her and tickling her, or even just doing free play around the room on all of the equipment, I can feel her love for me as her dad, and more importantly I really feel as though I am communicating to her this incredible love that I have for her.

I honestly know, without a doubt, that Gymboree has allowed me to be a better dad, and there isn’t anything in the world that would prevent me from continuing to establish that father-daughter bond as Paisley makes her way through the levels at Gymboree. In only an hour class I walk away with some sore cheeks (from smiling so big) and a full heart. It’s hard to explain, but because of Gymboree I now know how to show my daughter how much I love her, and I feel much more comfortable with her. I’m also truly confident that I’ll be able to show her the love I have for her as she grows into a young woman. This picture is Paisley and I looking at the bubbles during Gymboree class!

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Houston
State: Texas


Tummy Time!

My daughter Donna who enjoys tummy time very much, gGymboree Play & Musicot in a cycle with Gymbo and other babies in this picture. The bright colors of Gymbo caught her attention most of the time. She was getting so excited that she drooled for the most part of her tummy time! At that point, I knew she loved and enjoy playing with Gymbo, toys, other babies and her teacher. Thank you Gymboree to bring joy and happiness to my little daughter's life!

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Mountain View
State: California


Liv Loves Gymboree!

My daughter Olivia (Liv) absolutely loves Gymboree. We have venGymboree Play & Musicues for parent/child classes way closer to us but we drive 45 minutes twice a week for Gymboree instead. We originally were only going once a week but after seeing how fast it was speeding up her development, we immediately signed up for the second class. Without fail, the day after Gymboree class every week she meets another developmental milestone. She isn't quite four months old yet but from infant activities at Gymboree, she is propping herself up on her elbows for a very long tummy time, even starting to scoot a little! She rolls over and is talking up a storm. I am convinced that the stimulation at Gymboree gave her the extra push to do these things! Her favorite activities are tummy time, the parachute, but most of all, seeing Gymbo! It brings me so much joy to see her so happy. We are hooked and will always drive however far we need to keep her and all future children in the program birth through 5 years old!

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Mansfield
State: Texas


Baby's First Friend

I first took Dean to a Gymboree Play & Learn classes when he was onlGymboree Play & Musicy 6-weeks old. I was nervous that he would just spend the entire class screaming and was fully prepared to walk out of the class if it looked like he was disturbing the other families. When we got there and I placed him on his blanket, he fussed for a bit, and then something incredible happened. He turned and noticed another baby for the first time. His tears immediately stopped, a beautiful grin crossed his face, and he began kicking and squirming. The other baby was already 4-months old and started babbling to him. Suddenly Dean started babbling back—some of the first sounds I had heard out of him other than crying! The two babies seemed to have their own conversation, and they’ve lain next to each other staring at one another at all the classes since that first one. Dean has never thrown a tantrum in Gymboree—in fact, even on his moodiest days, he perks up as soon as we enter the building.

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Orange
State: California


Tummy Time Mirror at Gymboree

My name is Diego G. I was born November 18, 2012. I had to stayTummy Time, Gymboree Classes, Baby Classes, Baby Activities, Infant Development in the NICU for a 10 day antibiotic treatment because I had amniotic fluid in my lungs. When I turned three months old I had to be evaluated by a child development therapist. I was told that I had to work on my tummy time skills to strength my arms so I can be ready to crawl and one day walk. This made my mom very nervous because I didn’t really like tummy time but once I turned four months old I began to show interest in tummy time and even started rolling over like a six month old would. This made my mom very nervous because she doesn’t want me to grow up too fast! Thanks to the tummy time mirror at my Gymboree class, I now love tummy time and I love to roll just so I can do more tummy time.

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Miami
State: Florida


Happy baby

I love taking my son to Gymboree Play & Learn 1 class. He is a very good baby that is not very active and wants to cuddle all day long. My son enjoyed the class, interacting with the other infants and myself. I heard my son laugh for the very first time during tummy time. He giggled when he saw the tan puppy wind up toy do a back flip

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Chino
State: Canada

Fun and Friends

My husband was a bit weary about having theBaby Play, Family Classes, Family Play, Family Play Group, Families Activities, Family Lessons baby join but we have gone to 3 Play & Learn classes as a family and have noticed that as soon as our 7 month old enters the doors she is smiling and recognizes her "classmates". We know this because she smiles and wants to get closer to them. We sing the bubble song everytime we go to the park and blow bubbles and now she recognizes her name! Although my Husband's favorite part of Gymboree is the soccer game, our baby's favorite Gymbo game is peek a boo. Her face is just magical and her laughter is so loud! We look forward to attending Gymboree as a family on a weekly basis. Thank you so much.

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Rahway
State: New Jersey


Rolling over

My son was two and a half months Gymbo Time, Baby Play, Infant Development, Tummy Time, Baby Classes, Activities for Babies, Baby Play Groupold (the youngest in his group) and rolled over twice for the first time ever during his group on St. Patrick's Day this year. He just rolled from his stomach to his back looked up and smiled at me. One of the fathers was so shocked that he was so young and already rolling over. When I put my son back on his stomach to continue tummy time he rolled over again and once again just smiled at me like he knew exactly what he was doing. It was a very proud moment for me and my son.

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Canton
State: Georgia


Tummy Time with Gymbo

My daughter Lucy only enjoys tummy time at Gymboree Play & Music bInfant Development, Infant Play Group, Development Center, Play Activities, Baby Playecause she watches all of the other babies!

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Scarsdale
State: New York

From surviving 28 week 2 pound twin to six months old (adjusted) exactly today !

My husband and I struggled to cBaby Classes, Infant Development, Child Development Center, Infant Activities, Classes for development, Infant Play, Mommy & Baby Classesonceive and after a long time (an entire different story entirely :)), we were ecstatic to learn we were expecting identical twins ! We hoped for an uneventful pregnancy since our path was already riddled with heartache and many, many tears, but we were told early on that we would most likely lose one or both twins. We named them Dexter (baby A) and Max (baby B) early on. We were devastated. We went to four doctor appointments a week all over the state to try to save Max, our younger twin, and held our breath as day by day crept by. And Max grew. But after a routine ultrasound at 28 weeks, I was rushed by ambulance for an emergency C-section and delivered Dexter and Max weighing 2 lb 1 oz and 1 lb 10 oz respectively. We had hoped that would be the end of our worrying, but after a long struggle and two surgeries, we lost Max after 42 days. It shattered our hearts to pieces. Dexter initially struggled since his lungs were so weak, but he slowly grew and after three long months of daily visits to the NICU, he came home. The doctors told us that since he was a micro preemie and had chronic lung disease (and a weakened immune system) we should keep him pretty much quarantined for the first year of life, but two weeks ago, I took Dexter out for his first non-doctor-related adventure .. we went to Gymboree Play & Music!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had hoped that it would held him with his gross motor skills since he was falling behind, even to his adjusted age. During class, for the first time ever, I saw him do a push up, and he held it .. and ever since then, he has been doing it during tummy time. It brought tears to my eyes because I still remember him when he was so small I could hold him in my palm. We see a therapist to help him with his development, and since we have been to Gymboree Play & Learn classes, she has noticed major improvements and encourages us to keep on going. Today, April 3rd, Dexter marks six months exactly and every morning, we wake up and go play on our play mat and sing the Gymboree welcome song (I cannot get that song out of my head!) and integrate Gymboree play into our every day. I truly believe that Gymboree has strengthened Dexter, and another added benefit is that I have gotten to know so many great moms and employees at Gymboree. I consider myself an introvert and I find it hard meeting new people. But our instructor, Dawn, was so welcoming, and so were the other moms in my Level 1 group (I have even exchanged emails/phone numbers with some !). After class, the other employees and teachers (everyone that was there as far as I could tell) welcomed us and got to know us .. it was the first time in a long time I felt a part of something. We look forward to our Gymboree sessions every week (and dad looks forward to going with us every Sunday).

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Cupertino
State: California


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