Gymboree for Baby AND Me

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I highly recommend Gymboree to anyone with small children. We love the warm environment of our Melbourne, FL location and our teachers there. With no siblings or nearby cousins, Abby has reached so many milestones, on time or early, with the help of her teachers. As a first time mom, and a former Gymboree teacher, I've really loved making connections with other parents and babies while watching my daughter learn and grow. Gymboree is truly for the benefit of my daughter and myself.

Class Type: Play & Learn
First Name: Rachel
City: Melbourne
State: Florida

Gymboree Play & Music of Melbourne, FL

My Clubbed Foot Baby Can Climb!

Friday, July 29, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My son Flynn was born with a clubbed foot and an intestinal abnormality, both which needed surgeries and hospital stays. The clubbed foot treatment was a list of casts and leg and foot braces which most would find intimidating and mildly depressing.

Now 10 months later (and 7 casts down!) Flynn is now only wearing his braces at night. During the day, he can't get enough of Gymboree Play & Music! Some will speak of clubbed foot as a disability, but I truly believe Gymboree Play & Music has helped this not be the case. He is stronger, more social, and even more brave due to the amazing staff and facilities. He is not only hitting is developmental milestones on time, but sometimes early: and this was something that worried us!

Thank you Gymboree Play & Music in Palmetto Bay, FL for your amazing opportunities and facilities! We love you Gymbo!

Gymboree Play & Music

Classes for Kids, Worth Every Penny!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I cannot say enough good things. At first I was hesitant to sign my 10 months old for something that was $80/month but its been worth every penny. She is 2 1/2 now and loves it. Her favorite activities change, right now she loves bumpy.mats. Her motor skills are great, shes signing along, learning about different animals and having a ton of fun jumping.

My son is 8 months old and will be starting soon.

Liz is a great owner. Always so friendly a day personable. The staff she has hired are all very nice and super sweet with the kids.

Gymboree Play & Music: San Dimas, CAUpland, CA | Redlands, CA


All Smiles at Gymboree Play & Music!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Just thinking about our visit -- this was our first but definitely not our last -- makes me smile. The teachers were sweet and joyful and the class activities were super fun, hands-on, and well-paced.

Thank You Teacher JoAnn in Plano, TX!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I would like to comment on the teacher JoAnn at Gymboree Play & Music in Plano, TX.

I have been taking my daughters to Gymboree a cumulative time of 6 years between the two of them. I know the program very well and pretty much every song. My youngest has been attending Level 3 with Ms. JoAnn, she teaches her class with a high level in every way. Her level of attention to the children is impressive and exciting. Not only my daughter loves attending her class, I also feel like she helps me get to know and understand my daughter play preferences.

Thank you and God bless you!
Mrs. Mobley

Gymboree Play & Music

My Gymboree Story

Thursday, June 23, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I went to Gymboree starting in 1985 with my mother.

My husband also went with his mother in 1985 and he couldn't stand yet. His mom propped him up to make him look like he was included.

Today I bring my daughter who is 10 months. I started her when she was 4 weeks old and we were teacher Emma's youngest student.

Play & Learn Level 3 at Gymboree Play & Music Oakland, CA

Bubbles in the Air

Monday, June 6, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I started bringing my daughter to Gymboree Play & Music when she was 11 months old. She is now almost 16 months old and we go to Gymboree at least 3 days a week. She has enjoyed going, so much, and I have seen so much growth in her! Her teachers are fantastic!!!! They are so enthusiastic and involved in each class. We love our monthly, unlimited pass.

We have also met new people and my daughter has met some great little buddies. We are looking forward to growing even more and being able to attend more classes!

Class Type: Play & Learn

An Amazing Blessing 

There's Something New at Each Visit

Monday, June 6, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

All four of my boys have gone/are still going to Gymboree Play & Music.

This facility is wonderful! The staff is amazing, the equipment is immaculately clean and my baby begins to do something new every time we go!!

One of my children attends Skill Schools and has learned so much, does so much and expresses himself freely.

This is a wonderful, nurturing place to be and I highly recommend it to anyone who does not go.

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)

We Love Our Gymboree! 

Gymboree Play & Music


Dear Gymboree Play & Music

Friday, June 3, 2016 by Guest Stories

My husband and I enrolled our daughter, Genevieve, in Gymboree Play & Music when she was 13 months. She was an early walker at 10 months so we were desperate to find a safe outlet for her curious ways. Gymboree was PERFECT! She could learn to climb (and fall), run (and fall) and bounce (and fall) all in the safest and softest environment.

The Play & Learn classes have been a hit from day one! Parachute time and bubbles are Genevieve's favorite! As she became older, she also became attached to her teacher Ms Jessica. She now mimics the "pretend play" that Ms Jessica has taught her and she looks forward to seeing "Ms Jessica!" as we drive to Gymboree. Genevieve also warmed up to Ms Julie (a returning employee) very quickly and gets very excited to see her as well!

Genevieve has seen Ms Denise from the beginning but only in the capacity as the desk lady . . . but all of a sudden she became quite interested in what Ms Denise was doing behind that counter. She would ask me if she could say hello (Daddy works behind a desk at home and sometimes cannot be interrupted so that is why Genevieve wanted to be sure it was ok to talk to Ms Denise). Genevieve quickly became attached to Ms Denise as well which was perfect timing . . . we recently began the Preschool Steps class (the one hour drop off class) led by Ms Denise and Ms Julie. While the "drop off" time may involve a tear or two, Genevieve is SO EXCITED when I pick her up! She tells me what they did and PROUDLY shows me her paintings, letters, etc.

My only regret . . . I wish I would have started this class earlier!!

So that leads me to a suggestion . . . when a child turns 2, they should receive a certificate for a free trial class of the Preschool Steps.

Thanks Gymboree, Ms Jessica, Ms Julie, Ms Denise and all the other workers who have made Gymboree such a wonderful place!!

Joyce & Genevieve 

Friendly Learnings

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My little one and I always have a great time. Everyone is so friendly. My little is learning a lot and he loves Mrs Richy's class.

Class Type: Play & Learn

Awesome Fun

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My grandson Matthew and I had awesome fun.
The atmosphere is very warm and friendly.
The interaction with the teachers and staff is superb.
Keep up the excellent work.

Class Type: Play & Learn

Miss Sara - Long Island Gymboree

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I just wanted to post how wonderful Miss Sara from the Woodbury location is! Since I started bringing my daughter to her classes about 7 months ago, she has been consistently outstanding. She is attentive, hard working, caring, kind, a pleasure to be around, has a beautiful singing voice and runs the classes with ease and fluidity. She is the main reason I have been continuing to bring my daughter back to Gymboree and we even made sure to book her for our daughter's first birthday party. We love miss Sara!!

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
City: Woodbury
State: New York

The best program

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Our experience with Gymboree has been outstanding! This is by far the best program I have taken my granddaughter to.
The program is extremely well structured - the music is terrific. Cynthia is an absolutely outstanding teacher. She is incredibly warm and makes every child feel special.
Keep up the great work!

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)

Loved It Since Day 1!

Monday, June 15, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My husband and I were looking for a place for our daughter to play and explore and we stumbled upon the Gymboree Play & Music in Alexandria, VA. We came to an Open Gym session and she had the time of her life. This photo is from that day. We immediately signed her up for Music and Play & Learn and have enjoyed it every week since then. The teachers are wonderful and all the activities really do foster development and it's really beautiful to watch. Luciana loves Gymboree so much that we are having her first birthday party at here. We are really looking forward to it!

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
Location: Alexandria, VA

Teachers are a Joy to be Around!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My daughter's teacher for Levels 3 and 4 are energetic, easy-going and a joy to be around. There are plenty of contests and parties to participate in along with weekly classes. 


Class Type: Play & Learn

Location: Oklahoma City

We Will Definitely Be Enrolling!

Friday, May 29, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

We had our trial class in Play and Learn Level 3 and Miss Casie was great!! She was very inclusive with the babies and kept everyone involved. The play was developmentally spot on for my little girl and she loved every minute of being there!! With each new activity she just laughed and screeched with excitement. We will definitely be enrolling .

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)

The Staff are Awesome

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My daughter has grown so much in a short time. We look forward to going every week as a family, plus to open gym time. My daughter is an only child and the interaction with other children has helped her social skills improve so much. The staff are awesome. They greet her by name every time we walk through the door. This was the best investment my husband and I could have made for our child's growth and development.

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)

Haline is a Gleaming Example of What Anyone Instructing Children Should Be

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I normally don't write reviews of any kind, however I've finally been moved to write my first one. I am writing today to express my happiness and gratitude for your programs, and what one instructor in particular has done and how she's made our lives better. Haline Borges is the instructor that I'd like to single out in my comments today. She is absolutely amazing. She is the gleaming example of what anyone instructing children should be.

As a business owner, a veteran and a firefighter, I have many pools of experience to draw from. I have a wide range of comprehensive tools on dealing with personalities in the workplace. It appears that you have what I like to call "perfect chemistry" in Haline. She's always bright, cheerful, energetic and simply very pleasant to be around. She comments to us often how much she loves what she does. We see how our daughter reacts to her and we couldn't be more thankful. We see her as a blessing.

Haline loves her work. It's obvious and it shines through everything she does. She's also a parent herself and draws from her personal experience to provide us parents with relevant real world advice which has saved my wife and I, and many other parents, hours upon hours of frustration. This in turn has made us better parents and better people. I never would have imagined that I would have encountered this experience that only Haline could have delivered, in order to make me a better parent.

I believe in Haline. I believe that she is special. All too often, the "business" of things interferes with what is truly important. We all wish for a personal experience when shopping, or learning or whatever it is that we are doing. We're human after all. We all want that interpersonal exchange. Haline delivers that personal touch effortlessly. Her grace in balancing the class activities, all the children and the personalities of all the different parents is unparalleled.

She's a natural. Thank you Haline!!!


Teacher Cecily is Fantastic!

Friday, April 24, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I think our teacher Cecily is fantastic. She amazes me every week with her genuine enthusiasm and energy with the children. I really appreciate her. Gymboree Play & Music has become such an essential part of our early childhood development plan for our daughter. We have been part of the Gymboree Play & Music family for almost a year, moving from Play & Learn's levels 2 to 3 to 4. At 15 months, Sophie is climbing on all the furniture at home, so I have to bring her every week to keep her skills in shape.

Thank you to the whole Scottsdale Gymboree Play & Music team for making it such a great experience for us!!!

Class Type: Play & Learn 4 (16-22 months)

City: Scottsdale

State: Arizona

Tommy's Favorite Place to Go!

Monday, March 16, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My son Tommy is 15 months. We are in the Level 3 Play and Learn and Music 1. He loves both classes so much and I see him improving in many things each class. Gymboree (Play & Music) is his favorite place to go and he lights up every time we go! His teacher is Miss JoJo for both classes and she is absolutely wonderful!! He gives her the biggest smiles and hugs at class. It makes me so happy to have found a place that he enjoys so much!! We will be coming here for years to come!!

Class Type: Play & Learn