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Learning alongside your child can be so much fun! Gymboree Play & Music's creative classes are perfect for every stage of your young child's life, with activities expertly designed to boost every facet of development. Laugh, learn and play with new friends in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Teacher is amazing

Our teacher Shay Shay is amazing! We are new members and she answered all my questions. We purposely picked our weekly class to be one that is taught by her. My daughter loves her.

Class Type: Play & Learn

I met an angel

Suzanne is my angel ✨✨We just moved here from Canada this Angel gave me a long list of outdoor playgrounds, zoo, you name it everywhere I need to take my child in my first visit of Gymboree Northport...I knew Gymboree from back home but this one is different... The Staff are soooooo kind and caring, their positive energy put beautiful smile on children and their caregivers... We love Northport Gymboree💜💜

Class Type: Play & Learn
First Name: Ehya
City: Long Island
State: New York

A Warm & Welcoming Place

Love everything about Gymboree Play & Music! The teachers are great! The environment is welcoming and all the parents are so nice! My only regret is not finding it sooner!

The best thing! |  Mommy and Baby love Gymboree |  New Friends for Baby and Mommy!


Wonderful Mommy & Infant Classes

Finding Gymboree Play & Music classes has been a wonderful experience! My son is just over 4 months old, and I wish I had known about the class for babies sooner! The teacher and class have helped both me and him. I feel like he is doing so much better because of the content of the class and I would highly recommend Gymboree Play & Music to any new parent. I look forward to each class. I'm thrilled with how it helps me bond with my son and provides new learning experiences and socialization for him. A favorite activity is bubble time. We love our Gymboree Play & Music teacher because she is kind, helpful, and caring. Thanks!

WE LOVE GYMBOREE!  |  New Friends for Baby and Mommy!  |  Meaningful Memories

I love everything about Gymboree Play & Music

I LOVE how the teachers speak directly to the kids & always makes sure they are all involved in all activities! Also, we appreciate the cleanliness of the play area & the toys being used by everyone.

Truly Amazing Teachers

This is my third child to attend Gymboree Play & Music! I couldn't be more pleased with Mary Ellen and the warm and efficient way she runs this location, she is truly amazing! We love all our teachers, we take classes with Tia and she is so sweet and loving with all the kids!

Great Mommy & Me, Toddler Class!

I really like our teacher Terry on Tuesday afternoons!.She is so good with the kids and my daughter loves her. She makes an effort to know every babies name and soon as they come to the class. She is really interactive and makes my daughter smile all the time at Gymboree Play & Music!


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Best part of our day!



Amazing Fun Classes for Kids

My son has been going to Gymboree Play & Music for over 4 months now and we truly enjoy taking him there every week. Our teacher Haline is by far the best teacher we have ever met and the supervisor Dayana is extremely sweet and attentive with our son and with every kid there to be more specific, he loves both of them very much and so do we.

Thank you for such an amazing experience and fun time every time we go.


Engaging & Memorable Experiences

My daughter Dylan loves coming to Gymboree Play & Music and having class with Ms. Danielle. She's very warm, inviting and always greet us with a smile. Ms. Danielle engages with the parents and children and makes each class a memorable experience. We look forward to Tuesdays at for our Play & Learn class. Keep up the excellent work!!

So much Fun

My 8 month old son Bear was very shy first starting the class especially since he is not in daycare yet but after a month he just loves it! Loves the bubbles and music loves visiting with other babies. He really enjoys our teacher Ashley S, she makes learning new things fun and enjoyable at Gymboree Play & Music in Houston, TX.

Best Teacher Ever!

I am so grateful for the experiences my daughter has had at Gymboree Play & Music, Toronto! She ADORES her teacher Caterina!! My daughter follows her and her voice and everywhere around the room. Thank you for brightening our days!

Mommy & Me Time

Olivia loves going to Gymboree Play & Music each week, it wakes her right up and she has a lot of fun with her Gymboree Play & Music teachers during oodles of bubbles, parachute time, tummy time (in the tunnel, on the tube and other areas) as well as meeting new friends every time. Although Olivia is very quiet and observant of everything that's going on it'll help her become more social. She loves Gymbo!

Definitely great experiences and memories made at Gymboree Play & Music in Staten Island for mommy and Olivia. Can't wait to plan her 1st birthday here! “Hip hip hooray!" =)

My Clubbed Foot Baby Can Climb!

My son Flynn was born with a clubbed foot and an intestinal abnormality, both which needed surgeries and hospital stays. The clubbed foot treatment was a list of casts and leg and foot braces which most would find intimidating and mildly depressing.

Now 10 months later (and 7 casts down!) Flynn is now only wearing his braces at night. During the day, he can't get enough of Gymboree Play & Music! Some will speak of clubbed foot as a disability, but I truly believe Gymboree Play & Music has helped this not be the case. He is stronger, more social, and even more brave due to the amazing staff and facilities. He is not only hitting is developmental milestones on time, but sometimes early: and this was something that worried us!

Thank you Gymboree Play & Music in Palmetto Bay, FL for your amazing opportunities and facilities! We love you Gymbo!

Gymboree Play & Music

Great Customer Service at Palmetto Bay

We love our local Gymboree Play & Music at Palmetto Bay in Florida! Recently my husband took the kids to Open Gym and as it was pouring down with rain, so he got soaked. Danielle was amazing! She gave my son a dry t-shirt as his was soaked through and gave my husband a towel to dry the kids off. He was so impressed and grateful for such great customer service!!! Thank you Danielle!

Gymboree Play & Music, Palmetto Bay

Learning & Conquering Milestones

My son absolutely loves Gymboree Play & Music. He has learned and conquered various milestones through the wonderful teachers and classes. The staff is professional and the location is clean.

Thank You to Team Gymboree Play & Music in Oakland, CA

We watched Gymboree Play & Music transform our 18 month toddler into an interactive little guy! Teacher Sammi did a stellar job in all her classes. She has a way of engaging with the tots and injects an enthusiasm and energy that helped me "wake up" to my own Saturday as a mom!

Great program -- its summer time and our son seems to enjoy the outdoors more..... we may still return during the winter months.

Thank you Team Gymboree Play & Music, Oakland!

Classes for Kids, Worth Every Penny!

I cannot say enough good things. At first I was hesitant to sign my 10 months old for something that was $80/month but its been worth every penny. She is 2 1/2 now and loves it. Her favorite activities change, right now she loves bumpy.mats. Her motor skills are great, shes signing along, learning about different animals and having a ton of fun jumping.

My son is 8 months old and will be starting soon.

Liz is a great owner. Always so friendly a day personable. The staff she has hired are all very nice and super sweet with the kids.

Gymboree Play & Music: San Dimas, CAUpland, CA | Redlands, CA


Sad to Say Goodbye

I started taking my son to the Play & Learn Level One classes when he was three months old. It has been so much fun to watch him grow and play and interact with other kids. Just when he is finally getting used to the routine of playing with the kids and just when he is finally getting used to the routine of playing with the kids and miss Teacher Nicki we found out that our local Gymboree Play & Music in New Milford, New Jersey is closing. The next closest one is too far to take him. I can only hope that a new location is found for this Gymboree because my son loves them. As a first-time mom I love the interaction with the other moms and the ability to ask questions and get feedback. I hope the new location is found soon and that he can come back I hope the new location is found soon and that he can come back to Gymboree Play & Music.

No One Compares to Ms. Carrie on Ave. N in Brooklyn

I'm currently enrolled in the Gymboree Play & Music class with Ms Carrie on Ave N in Brooklyn. She is so incredibly knowledgeable regarding child development and knows exactly how to adapt each activity to every child in the group. She is so loving and knows how to make each child feel important and successful. In the past I took my older child to the Dyker Heights location because at the time we lived closer to that location and therefore I've experienced a bunch of different Gymboree teachers.

No one compares to Ms Carrie. I have been working in the early childhood field for about 20 years now (as an educator and therapist) and I can honestly say that Ms Carrie is a rare find. I feel very lucky to have my child in her class.

Grateful for Gymboree Play & Music

I'm so grateful for Gymboree Play & Music. My oldest daughter raves about it to our whole family. The staff has really become a second village for us: they're always willing to go above & beyond for my kids. If I could do it all over again, I would've signed up so much sooner!

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