School Skills

3 - 5 years

One of the most important things you can give your child is a love of learning. Our School Skills classes for children ages 3-5 focus on key social skills that will help prepare your child for school and life, creating confident and curious learners! Our discovery rooms open the doors to literature and pre-writing, numbers, scientific exploration, visual arts and language development. Songs, games, play and movement activities are all explored to help children master the concepts for successful school-age learning.

School Ready

My son attends two locations. But I would like to applaud the Memorial location for their classes! My 2 year old started school this year and started with no skills really did help prepare for detachment and for acquiring a better attention span. I would highly recommend this class for 2 year olds.

Class Type: School Skills

Impressed with Gymboree

I couldn't be more impressed with Gymboree! We have been members for years now and our daughters love it! Michelle, Vinny & all the staff are so amazing, always so friendly & inviting. The room is always super clean & has such a positive feel. We also had my daughters birthday party here and it was so easy and stress free everyone had a blast! I highly recommend Gymboree to all our friends/family.

Class Type: School Skills

Toms River Gymboree Play & Music

Michele, Vinnie, and their staff are always warm and inviting, whether when we see them at Gymboree or at a local event (like at the mall). We have been going to Gymboree with my son Josh since he was 2 years old, and we have seen him grow and develop confidence and good play skills at Gymboree, first with the the parent-attended classes, then with School Skills. I am a little sad that he will be aging out of Gymboree when he turns 6 next month. Although he does not attend regular classes now that he is in kindergarten, he still loves to attend the special Gymboree play dates with we have with our local moms club and the special holiday parties.
We thank Michele and Vinnie and Gymboree of Toms River for a wonderful experience. They really are like family.
I am always amazed at Michele's level of energy and ability to remember everyone's names.

Class Type: School Skills

My Children Learn Lots!

I am currently enrolled in the School Skills Program in Corona in Miss Jessica's class. Miss Jessica is very knowledgeable and patient. I had my 8 year old girl in her class before and now my 4 year old son. My children learn a lots and always happy to go to the class. I would highly recommend this program in this location. Thank you!

Class Type: School Skills

Teachers are Nice, Accommodating, and Trustworthy

I would like to thank the Gymboree Play & Music of Nottingham Family for being a part of Mikhaila's early childhood development. She has grown up to be a fun-loving, kid-friendly, and well-disciplined young girl. She enjoyed every class she attended because the teachers are nice, accommodating, and trustworthy. She graduated from School Skills last month and started going to Tiny Tots, in a program for 3 year old kids. She is one of the most well-behaved students, while I am one of the most relaxed moms. She was able to follow her teachers' instructions like sitting with her legs crossed, hands on lap, and mouth closed while listening to the one talking, many thanks to her caring School Skills teacher Ms. Sue, for imparting this and a lot more to her. Gymboree Play & Music is truly worth joining, this is the perfect place to prepare your child for school, and also to prepare parents in dropping off their children to school.

Honestly, it was heart-breaking for me that Mikhaila has grown old enough to graduate from Gymboree Play & Music because I loved seeing the staff and other parents each week, soooo it is a great thing that I also have a younger daughter whom I can bring there. And so the fun continues!

Thanks a lot,

Class Type: School Skills

My Teacher Is Absolutely Wonderful!

I want to give a big Kudos to Ms. Tanya, who teaches the School Skills Class, at the Upland, CA Gymboree Play and Music location. My daughter is 3 and with no prior classroom/daycare experience, the transition to a drop-off class made me really nervous. I have to say that I feel happy and excited for Lia to go to class. Ms. Tanya is absolutely wonderful. My daughter loves her and speaks about what she did in class with her teacher to everyone she meets. Ms. Tanya is genuinely caring, sweet and a natural fit at Gymboree. All the children in her class give her goodbye hugs when they leave. It is very apparent that they enjoy their time with her. I love that she always gets down on one knee to interact with them, even outside of the classroom. I am very pleased with my daughters progress and I credit Ms. Tanya for being such a great teacher. We love you Ms. Tanya!

Class Type: School Skills
City: Upland
State: California

Teachers are Nice, Kind, and Warm

The teachers have a lot of knowledge and are nice, kind, and warm. My daughter is not a native English speaker but is very comfortable attending her school skills class and is comfortable with the teachers and other kids. Her English is also surely improving.. :) she enjoys her class a lot!! Thank you so much!! :)

Class Type: School Skills 

The Staff at Gymboree is So Warm

All the staff at Gymboree is so warm, welcoming and enthusiastic. My son's teacher Ms. Liz is simply incredible. Her patience, kindness and will to really work with the student is just amazing. Given this job requires more dedication than anything considering toddlers are a handful, she never fails to exceed the parents expectations. Other credible staff members we really adore are Ariel and the former staff member Nina. Kelsey the replacement for Nina is truly a doll as well, always smiling and ready to embrace the kids. Thank you Gymboree for discovering the talents on our kids and bringing out their confidence!

Class Type: School Skills

My Twins Love School Skills

My twins have been going to Gymboree Play & Music since they were 9 months old and they are now in the 2s drop off program. The manager, Ms. Stephanie is great, always so friendly and so accommodating. She is always very involved, knows every child and parents by name. All the teachers are great, Ms Asiah, Ms Giselle, Ms Jenn. They take such great care of the kids and genuinely love them.

My kids are 2 1/2 and now know their ABCs, counting, colors. They have learned so much. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. If we were staying in the city, I would have placed my kids in the 3s program without a doubt!

Thank you to the whole staff at the 73rd St. Gymboree Play & Music.

Class Type: School Skills

City: New York

State: New York


Tribeca Gymboree Play & Music

I enthusiastically want to thank you, and compliment 2 outstanding individuals at our Gymboree in Tribeca.
Christine McEwan is a very skilled, engaging, confident, warm, wonderful teacher to our 2 year old girl, Nora. She stood out to me from Day 1 as absolutely remarkable. Nora adores her and looooves going to School Skills with her.
Also, John Mothershead has offered a sincere upbeat greeting every time we arrive. He has also offered terrific customer service and follow up with any of my questions, and emails. Well done on finding them both.
Gymboree was recommended to me by a very happy friend, and it has exceeded my high expectations.

Class Type: School Skills

School Skills

My son is 3 and half years old. We have been attending gym classes since he was a year old and is currently in School Skills classes. I love the teachers at Gymboree Play & Music of Millersville. They treat the kids with respect and act like family. Couldn't ask for a better place to help kids grow their social skills and find enjoyment in learning.

Class Type: School Skills

Gymboree Survey Story

My son has attended the Gymboree of Millersville since level 2. He is now participating in level 7- school skills. It has been amazing to watch him grow and see how much progress he has made. We have also participated in the art and music programs. The teachers are all very nurturing and dedicated. I believe our participation in Gymboree has helped to provide a solid foundation physically, socially and cognitively for my son.

Class Type: School Skills

Gymboree in my child develop!

My daughter Ana started in Gymboree play and music at the Clairemont location when she was 6 months.

Their lovely and dynamics teachers has been amazing with Ana, since the beginning in family music where she had her first steps, throw play and learn and finally in the school skills.

Surrounding by bobbles, music and laughs, each class had been give her the stimulus and socials skills that she needs for be ready for pre-K in September!!!

Class Type: School Skills
First Name: Glenda
Last Name: Castro
State: International

Potty Trained For Class

After a year of trying to potty train our 2 yrsGymboree Play & Music old she finally was encourage when she saw a School Skills class taking place. She wanted to be in this class so bad and would constantly ask if she could please go to the big kid's class. We explained that she was almost 3 BUT she needed to go to the potty for this class. From that point on she was motivated to get potty trained. She was fully potty trained in 1 week and on her 3rd Birthday she went to her first School Skills class. She was so proud of herself and was so excited that she was finally part of the big kids class.

Class Type: School Skills
City: Eastvale
State: California


One Day Without Shoes

School Skills At GymboreeIn support of "One Day Without Shoes" the Gymboree Play & Learn in Lexington, KY got a shot of our School Skills Class toes!!

Class Type: School Skills
City: Lexington
State: Kentucky


All Grown UP!

My daughter was very shy and quiet, did her own thing and was often afraid of applying herself. After 8 months at Gymboree, I can proudly say that she is a completely different person! She learns so much in the School Skills Classes, and also develops life skills, confidence and behavioral skills! Wish she could go here for regular school too :)

Class Type: School Skills
City: Missouri City
State: Texas

Zachary's School Skills Development

Gymboree School Skills was the best social development we could have chosen for our son. He has learned so much about sharing, interacting with other children, and communicating well with his peers since we have signed him up. The staff is very helpful and understanding when it comes to the kids. I highly recommend Gymboree classes to all parents, we see the wonders it has done in our son's social development that we signed him up for music classes as well. I am convinced that the Gymboree classes really helped him and it was the best investment in money and time. Plus our son loves his classes and looks forward to attending them.

Class Type: School Skills
City: Cerritos
State: California

Gymbo the Friend

When my daughter was 4 months old we enrolled in Gymboree Play & Music. WGymboree Play & Musice quickly saw that she enjoyed class and was developing. Soon Gymbo became our daughter's favorite clown (and friend). She loved singing the songs and talking with her own Gymbo clown. We would work on many of the skills at home and have many of the Gymboree toys and instruments. Now at three, our older daughter is in School Skills and has moved through all the levels of classes as well as art, music and sports. Now we watch as our younger daughter develops with the Gymboree program. Gymboree has always been a favorite place for our whole family. Recently we have made a cross country move and the first program we signed up for was Gymboree. Immediately my kids felt right at home and picked up right where they left off. I am so happy with the quality of teaching and activities at Gymboree. This year will be extra special as we celebrate the girls' birthdays at Gymboree too. Thanks for all the fun Gymboree Play and Music!

Class Type: School Skills
City: Sunnyvale
State: California


Our time at Gymboree

My son has a lot of fun as he goes to (Carmel, IN) Gymboree Play & Music. Started out with a single day session/week and right now we are already going to Gymboree for over 4 days a week. The staff members are the 'best of the best' and we are just amazed on how much he learns and shares with us, after starting to go to Gymboree.

Class Type: School Skills
City: Carmel
State: Indiana

First School Experience

Because of how my daughter's birthday lands, she has 2 years until she can start kindergarten but is so ready to learn. So, we enrolled her in School Skills classes to give her a glimpse of school without losing her to preschool for the better half of the week. She has excelled and loves her class and has made great friends. Thank you Gymboree for providing a preschool option for those that just aren't ready to make that leap just quite yet.

Class Type: School Skills
City: Indianapolis/Greenwood
State: Indiana

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