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I love being a Gymboree teacher!

We've been listening to Rock and Roll Oldies in music classes at Gymboree Play and Music. All of the children in all the levels have really gotten into "Splish Splash" and "I Want Candy" and "Alley Oop". Since I have so may grandparents that join us for the Sunday play classes and evening classes I've even been fortunate enough to get some great back-up singers.

I think the children's favorite activity has been tapping on the balls when we play "Great Balls of Fire." After 3 weeks, they have learned the pattern and all I have to do is say "goodness gracious" and they all raise their balls and yell "Great Balls of Fire!" Watching these children blosson from babies or shy toddlers into little musicians has been a joy.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Los Altos
State: California

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