Life Changing

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 by Teacher Talk

I am a teacher by profession. I went to school & received a degree and credential. I always knew I wanted to work with children. But it was not until I started working for Gymboree Play & Music, that this career choice turned into a passion. In two years I have transformed from a green teacher, new, excited, and unaware of who I will become, to a learned Gymboree teacher & expert bubble blower and parachute flyer. I have learned the importance of play to a child's development. I know now that it is not just time for bubbles & parachute, but time to work out hand-eye coordination or learn object-permanence skills. Or that a parent's encouragement is seen as social referencing in a child's eyes.That art and music not only encourages self expression, but helps practice fine motor skills and cognitive development.

Throughout these short years, I was amazed to see the children, as well as the parents grow developmentally, physically, and socially. Gymboree Play & Music is a unique place where these changes happen.
During my time here, I have also became a mother and changed into a peer to the families who come. Working at Gymboree prepared me for this wonderful stage in my life. As a parent, the classes, teachers and families that we meet provide support and answers to questions or advice that concerns our little ones. It comforts me knowing that this strong and knowledgeable team is available whenever we attend. I find myself taking what I learned, and passing it along to other families or always recommending them to come. I thank Gymboree for making me a constantly learning student, a versatile teacher, and loving Gymboree mom.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Anaheim Hills
State: California

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