Moving on Up

Sunday, June 19, 2011 by Teacher Talk

Every week at Gymboree Play and Music is filled with change, but this seems especially true this week. Kids grow at such a rapid pace in the first five years that it seems like every week my little friends come in bigger, stronger, and more cognitively developed than the previous week. This week has been a week of watching a good deal of my friends move up to their next level of Play & Learn classes. Two of my Level 1 friends have turned six months old, have mastered the art of sitting up all on their own, and are now eager to work on those pre-crawling skills in Level 2. I must say they were very missed in our Level 1 class this week, but seeing them out with all the Level 2 babies, making their best efforts to crawl up ramps, playing their first game of baby soccer, and watching their excitement and eagerness for new challenges made me incredibly proud.

Additionally, this week it is officially time for one of my amazing Level 3 friends to make his way up to Level 4 and begin to work on those problem solving skills! My friend has been working on getting the hang of walking for the last few months. He has progressed from only being able to push the airlog a few feet during the signature airlog push to running across the play floor! I'm so excited to see him expand those motor skills as well as his cognitive skills in Level 4! He's going to be great!

The best part of teaching at Gymboree Play and Music in Carmel, Indiana is watching all my little friends grow every week!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Carmel
State: Indiana

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