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Wednesday, April 20, 2011 by Teacher Talk

There is nothing I love more than teaching at Gymboree Play and Music because it is a remarkable feeling to see an infant come to us at 6 weeks and not be mobile and see them transition through our Play & Learn classes. Every little developmental milestone is just as exciting to us and we to are proud when a little one has reached a certain goal.

Today in class, a little boy looked at me and in the most innocent voice called me "honey" with smile. He had been attending for a month and never called me anything and was always a little shy. His father then enlighten me the child would hear him call Mommy honey, and associates Mommy as someone who is nice and smiles a lot to encourage him. I became Ms. Honey in this 20 month olds eyes.

My favorite moment is when that same father approached me with concerns about his little one not participating in our signature activity for this age group (Airlog Freeze). I explained to him children do not only learn through doing but watching their peers and listening. I encouraged him that although the little one is across the room 9 times out 10, they are well aware of what it going on around them. One day his son started running out towards the door, dad yelled FREEZE! The little boy stopped and placed his hands on his head and giggled, yet he had never done it in class!

Gymboree has change my life because it has given me the opportunity to see and be able to provide feedback on the development of children and get a better understanding as a teacher. I am able to see a plethora of ways on how to help my students reach there developmental goals, based on their needs. I have learned, as do the parents, all children learn, grow, and develop differently. It is up to me to figure out the best possible way for them to receive the information.

My favorite class to teach is Play & Learn 5 because the imagination and level of conversation the children bring to the table make for a wild class. Sometimes I feel like they have planned the lesson plan, if I tell the class we are learning about horse I get the response, "Ms.Kim I have to take the horse and get the man who broke the elevator!"

These children make it easy to get up for work every morning and I can't really call it work! I have enjoyed these four years tremendously and I am proud to be a part of the Gymboree family- Ms. Kim R.

Class Type: Play & Learn 4 (16-22 months)
City: Silver Spring
State: Maryland

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Dr Cynthia G. Willis
Monday, May 2, 2011
Great job in making a difference in our tomorrows future! You do make a difference when you make such positive impact on those you interact with, especially at such tender ages. Indeed their brain are like sponges so loving your job the way it sounds will have great influence on them. Your story reminds me of the law of expectation which I interpret as "the attitude of the teacher for his or her class determines how the class becomes!"

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