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Teacher Ben

I will always remember the day Peggy flagged me over to show me what her son, one of my Play & Level 5 students, had been working on.

"Ben, show Miss Becca your new favorite game."

Ben began to clap his hands and sing, "Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome....toes."

And while he was rusty on the lyrics, I recognized the tune immediately as it was our Welcome Song that signals the beginning of class.

Peggy then went on to tell me that Ben has been collecting his stuffed animals, seating them in a semi-circle and playing Gymboree play classes at home. He even has the tambourine to clap along and direct his puffy, cotton-filled class.

I tried my best not to cry but let's just admit it, I was a weepy mess. After finishing school and immediately going into the restuarant business before Gymboree Play & Music, I was used to work a thankless, hurried job in food service. But now here I am, a Gymboree teacher! I'm someone that children pretend to be. I am someone that Ben remembers, emulates and thinks is fun enough to introduce to his stuffed animals.

I will never forget that day. I teach Play & Learn classes and I love being a Gymboree Play & Music teacher everyday.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Chicago
State: Illinois

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