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Whos Got A Hug!

My name is Miss Kim and I am a Gymboree Play and Music Teacher in Dyer, Indiana! I have been teaching Gymboree Classes for 14 years. I love seeing the smiles of loving children. No matter if I am having a bad day coming to work at Gymbo’s house always changes the my frown upside down, I always say no tears at Gymboree! Who’s Got A Hug for Me!

Working with Gymboree for this many years, I have families now returning with there 3rd and 4th generation children and some families cannot believe that I am still here!

It is so amazing to have these families returning and seeing how there oldest child that I had once instructed at Gymboree when they were just 12 months old, or some even younger that are now grown up and in middle school. Gymboree keeps me young too!

I have taught all programs at Gymboree and I love to teach the 3-5 year olds Art, Sports, and School Skills classes the most. I love hearing a child’s tiny voice and sharing there stories with me. I love to teach them exciting things and watching there expressions when a child accomplishes a certain goal or activity.

Another one of my great Gymboree experiences is teaching Art classes I love it when I ask a little one, who has just finished there mural painting? And there imagination flows into an amazing place and can tell Miss Kim that they painted an elephant, water slides, or it's my DADDY! Not only has this child made me smile but the look on there parents face is priceless as this child has not ever spoke out in public before.

Come on in for a Gymbo Hug, make a friend or two and walk out singing a tune!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Hammond
State: Indiana

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