Episode Information

In this week’s episode of the Parent Pod Podcast, we are talking to parent influencer Robert Knop about his experiences and how to find a little comedic relief in the ups and downs of parenting.

Robert Knop  is a work-from-home dad juggling a wife, twin boys, coaching soccer, running a consulting business and building a following as a parenting influencer.

Known as @FatherWithTwins on Twitter, he gives his more than 20,000 followers a glimpse of his life as a dad with hilarious tweets. 

Taking comedic inspiration from his twins over the last few years, Knop has rounded up the many sides of being a parent including listening to the silly demands of children and handling the chaotic event known as mornings with kids.


The Parent Pod podcast by Gymboree Play & Music is a weekly conversation that features various experts who are willing to share helpful tips for parents and grandparents on how to support their little ones during the first five years of life. Our podcast drives conversations around early childhood development and parenting strategies, with topics ranging from sleep training, and minimalist living to maternal mental health and postpartum depression.

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