Meet GymboFams Ambassador Liz

I’m a professional photographer and I learned about baby classes when a client asked me to shoot there. Little did I know there was a Gymboree Play & Music fairly close to us and we started going then my daughter April was 6 months old.


My. daughter is now a year and I can’t say enough how great it’s been for her, and me too! Things April enjoys: food, animals, rough play. Things I enjoy: coffee, the outdoors, reading, adventures 💕 happy Monday mamas!

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Chantelle

Hi Mamas! I am a working mama from Orange County California.

My husband and I both love music and knew we wanted to get our son, Oliver, into a music class. We impatiently waited till he was 6 months so we could finally join a Gymboree Play & Music music class. We’ve only been going for a few weeks and we all love it.


The first music class we took him to got him sitting unassisted for longer than 30 seconds, so we are excited to see what other skills he picks up in class!


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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Hillary

My name is Hillary. My 1 year old son Benjamin and I started attending Gymboree Play & Music classes in January and it’s one of the best investments we have made.

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I studied Public Relations and love that Gymboree Play & Music is helping me use my skills while spending valuable time with my little one. I’m looking forward to sharing all of the fun we have!

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Isa

I am super thrilled to be a GymboFams Ambassador!

James and I first started Gymboree Play & Music on his 1st birthday Feb 8th and we’ve loved every second of it! Being a stay-at-home mom I have a bit of extra time to really focus on the beginning education of James and with Gymboree Play & Music.


I feel like it’s never too early to start learning about communication and social skills! We only do Open Gym for now but we are hopefully going to start some classes when he turns 18 months because we can attend the art classes!

I’m so excited to share this experience and to see everyone have fun with us and Gymbo!

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