Meet GymboFams Ambassador Tess

Hello! My name is Tess Kossow, my husband’s name is Dan, and our son’s name is Ferris. He is our one and only child, as he is a rainbow baby conceived via IVF. Ferris is my every heartbeat, and I want him involved and to explore the world every chance he can get. Ferris and I joined Gymboree Play & Music Baby Lab when he was 8 weeks old, and we have been going to classes, now at two different locations, ever since.

I love to see how Ferris progresses week by week with all the different activities and socialization skills that come into play through the different experiences at Gymboree Play & Music . The interaction with other caretakers and babies is what makes this time so special for the two of us (three when Dan or Grandma can make it). We even have several of theGymboree Play & Music toys (and bubbles) at home in Ferris’ playroom to keep the fun going even after class is over!

Seeing my son smile and bond with others makes me smile but having the one-on-one time doing 45 minutes of play and music geared around his wants and needs is a time that I absolutely cherish. I look forward to sharing these moments with others and encouraging families of all sizes and stories to highly considerGymboree Play & Music for their little one.

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Maritza

My name is Maritza, I am the mother of a 1-year-old baby named Nicholas. Nicholas is an only child and the only baby on both sides of the family. He has no cousins so unfortunately, he doesn’t have much interaction with other children. We were afraid of him becoming anti-social in the future and we wanted him to break out of his shell as he tends to be very shy around others.

We were looking for an environment were Nicholas could have fun as well as develop new skills. We are so glad we found Gymboree Play & Music.  In such a short time, we can already see his development. He now waves hello to others and claps when he hears the music being played in class. We cannot wait to see how much more he will develop while attending Gymboree Play & Music. We are excited to become a part of GymboFams and spread the word about this amazing place.

This is a great experience for both babies and their parents, I wish more people would take the time to check it out. It is a great investment for our children, I wish we had discovered Gymboree Play & Music sooner.

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Song & Dance Make Gymboree Play & Music Classes Fun!

Today we have a guest blog post from GymboFams Ambassador Allison!

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 5.04.12 PM

Allison started attending Gymboree Play & Music when son, Christopher, now 4 years old, was 16 months old. She also has a daughter Annie, now 2 years old.

Walking out of a Family Gym class, I often find myself humming Dance Gymbo Dance – its catchy. My kids sing it too. When we are stuck in traffic, mini-Gymbo goes “up and down” “side to side” and “peek-a-boo” in the backseat.

My favorite though, is my kids cleaning up their toys every night, singing/yelling, “Toys away, toys away, let’s put all our toys away.”


(Annie is always ready to help clean up in class)

Gymboree Play & Music fosters learning in a play environment. Christopher’s first word was “bubble” – I certainly wasn’t blowing bubbles at home every week. Some credit lies with hisGymboree Play & Music teachers singing “bubbles for Christopher” and all the other student in class, every week. The first complete song Annie sang to me was “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” We would sing it every week under the parachute in level 4.

Annie makes requests in class. She asks her teachers for her favorite songs: “Put Your Finger On” and “Apple Tree.” Her first year of Gymboree Play & Music was attending Christopher’s classes in a baby carrier. Before she started participating in her own classes, she would have Christopher sing her the songs.

Their new favorite is “Slippery Fish” from Family Music. It has been added to our bedtime routine. Christopher and Annie know all the words, and all the moves. They have started adding sea creatures to make the song longer (and bedtime a few minutes later). “Slippery Fish” has also been added to our “Gymbo Music” playlist (a playlist I created on my phone with our favorite songs fromGymboree Play & Music classes).


(Christopher singing about Hammerhead Shark in Family Music)

*Mom tip* Inevitably, there will be weeks when the kids get sick, or weather keeps you from getting to class, the Gymbo Music playlist is a lifesaver. Even when we cannot see our favorite teachers, or dance with Gymbo, we have his music to calm our bodies.

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Gymbo Live Tour at Gymboree Play & Music, Lafayette

The first ever Gymbo Live Tour event at Gymboree Play & Music, Lafayette was a smashing success!

The 3 one hour sessions with Gymbo were completely sold out!  In addition to lots of play time on our playscape, our young guests enjoyed painting a mural in our Art Room.

These young artists also entered a Live Gymbo Crayon Raffle, where they colored a Gymbo page for a chance to win a Private Play Date here at Gymboree with 10 of their favorite friends!


Square Baby Food, a new organic baby food company based in Orinda, was on site passing out free samples and tote bags for all our guests.  Our families were thrilled to see Gymbo dancing, blowing bubbles, and waving our famous parachute in the air!  It was a morning to remember — thank you for visiting Lafayette, Gymbo!!

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Gymboree Play & Music, Cypress Is Having A Grand Re-Opening Celebration on Sept 29th & 30th

Last Summer the Gymboree Play & Music, Long Beach closed but we are thrilled to announce that they have relocated to Cypress, CA. The new location will be called Gymboree Play & Music, Cypress and they will have a grand re-opening celebration the weekend of September 29th & 30th.

GPM Cypress Outside Photo.jpg
The new Gymboree Play & Music, Cypress space!

Gymboree Play & Music, Cypress will be located in Cypress Center West which is a 111,246 square foot shopping center anchored by Ralph’s and Rite Aid. The shopping center has a lot of restaurants, cafés and other family friendly services. The entire complex is located on the intersections of Bloomfield Avenue, Ball Road and Via Largo.

Gymboree Play & Music, Cypress is on the end-cap and near the cross section of Ball Road and Via Largo.

Stop by the Gymboree Play & Music, Cypress, CA Facebook page for updated information about their Grand Opening event:

Contact Information:

Gymboree Play & Music, Cypress
4175 Ball Rd.
Cypress, California 90630
(562) 429-4886

Gymboree Play & Music Launches Gymbo Live Tour on September 12th!

Gymbo is on a mission to build confident learners everywhere!

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 1.00.27 PM.png

Meet Gymbo Live!

Get ready for the ultimate play adventure! Meet Gymbo live on tour at Gymboree Play & Music locations around the country!

Hop on a whimsical parachute ride and experience fun-filled playscape activities. And pose for a photo with Gymbo!

See if Gymbo is coming to your city right here:

Gymbo Takes on San Francisco for the Gymbo Live Tour Pre-Launch celebration.

GymboFams Ambassador @leo110 had a great day with Gymbo in New York City! Gymbo was at the Gymboree Play & Music, Park Slope on September 12th.

Meet GymboFams Ambassador Cherilyn

Aloha, I am Cherilyn Evangelista, I am, I guess, a retired Chef and now stay at home mom. I now have the challenge of cooking for the most pickiest toddler ever.


I have been bringing Matthew to Gymboree Play & Music since he was 18 months. I wish I had brought him earlier. Matty will be 3 in January. Gymboree Play & Music has helped Matty with his speech delay and now sings all the Gymboree Play & Music songs.

Matty loves every one at GymboreePlay & Music especially Ms. Tori. He gives her at least 3 a day which is 3 more than I get. Ms. Erica, Ms. Tori, Mr. Jerrick, Ms. Diane and Ms. Jessica makes us feel like family. I still haven’t figured out how they remember everyone’s name.

Meet GymboFams Ambassador Lesley

Hello!  I’m Lesley Holland from Las Vegas! I have been taking my daughter Ashya to Gymboree Play & Music since she was a year old. We tried our free first class when she was a few months old but actually started going more often when she was a year.

Ashya absolutely loves going to GymboreePlay & Music. She is now 5 and I’m sad that she will be aging out! But little brother Hunter age will take her spot! He already loves it and when big sis is in school he will get to enjoy more mommy time!

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Mia

Howdy from Texas!

Around one month of age we noticed Kali’s eyes would light up as soon as you read, sang, or moved her body rhythmically. After showing her father a few videos of what Gymboree Play and Music classes had to offer we immediately agreed to give the classes a try.


Our first class was Gymboree Play & Music’s National Day of Play. Not only was the class packed but everyone was so kind. Our teacher took the time to allow each family to introduce themselves and their goals for their child. As new parents we definitely want Kali to socialize, but it is equally important that we feel comfortable with the adults involved as well. There is nothing worse than mommy and daddy cliques or uninterested teachers!

Even though we work full-time and are only able to attend classes on the weekend, we believe our investment is being returned twofold. We get to spend quality time with our daughter, in a fun, inclusive, friendly, environment; while supporting her overall development. Gymboree Play and Music classes are more than just a play date it is a community.


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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Jeff

Hello! My name is Jeff Cronin and my wife is named, Krystle. We’ve been taking our son to Gymboree Play & Music for about 2 months now. He LOVES it! It’s been so great to see him progress in class from a 2 month old, to now a 4 month old. His favorite activities are the parachute, tummy time (we’ve never seen him love tummy time more than in class) and the Gymbo puppet song.

We first joined for a chance for my wife to get out of the house and we didn’t know anything about GymboreePlay & Music, but once we took the first class, we were hooked! We love having him around other babies his age and learning new songs with him. It’s also great to see how the other kids have progressed in class so we know what to expect. We can’t wait to get started as a GymboFam and meet other families.


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