Play & Learn

0 - 5 years

Play, Learn & Grow - at your own pace! Gymboree Play & Music has a class uniquely designed for every stage of your child's development.

Music Classes

6 months - 5 years

Our Music classes provide an active and playful approach that will have you dancing, singing and playing instruments together.

Art Classes

18 months - 5 years

Childhood and creativity go hand-in-hand, that's why Gymboree Play & Music Art classes engage your child in a world of hands-on discovery.

Baby Classes

0 - 10 months

Explore the senses and support visual and auditory development with tummy time, flashlight play, first songs and more. This baby class includes parent discussion time to help learn about your child's development.

Family Classes

Mobile - 5 years

A perfect solution for siblings, family classes support the best of multi-aged learning. Cruisers, toddlers and preschoolers converge in a class filled with songs, circle dances and cooperative play that unite and delight young learners of every age.

School Skills

3 - 5 years

One of the most important things you can give your child is a love of learning. Our School Skills classes for children ages 3-5 focus on key social skills that will help prepare your child for school and life-creating confident and curious learners!

Birthday Parties

All Ages

Choose your child's favorite theme and we'll create a private, personalized party experience filled with kid friendly activities guaranteed to be 100% fun with zero clean up! We specialize in 1st birthday parties all the way up to 5th birthday parties. Gymboree Play & Music Parties are available to members and non-members.

My Gymboree Story

0 - 5 years

The last 40 years with Gymboree Play & Music reflect lifelong friendships cultivated for both parents and children. While new adventures await, take a trip down memory lane with us.

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