31 Bite Sized Tips For Surviving Halloween With A Toddler (from parents who really have toddlers)!

Halloween with a toddler? While this might sound like a storyline out of a horror movie surviving Halloween with kids under 4 can actually be quite fun if you’re prepared and patient.

We surveyed our Gymboree Play & Music parents and 88% plan on going trick-or-treating with their toddlers this year so we also asked them for their favorite tips on surviving Halloween with a toddler.

Here’s real advice from real moms and dads that just might help you make it through to November 1st!

Be flexible, have fun!
Don’t expect to hit a lot of houses; hide candy when they aren’t looking.
Less is sometimes more!
Replacing the candy with healthier options or non edibles when they’re not looking!
Stop when they want to stop.
Get out early.
Be patient and let them enjoy the experience 🙂
Make it fun! But always stay safe and aware of surrounding.
Let them choose their own costume!
Have fun and be prepared for a meltdown just in case.
Keep calm!
Bring a stroller or wagon incase they get tired from walking.
Just let them have some candy, they’re only kids once.
Get as much rest as possible before Halloween.
Pray for a meltdown free night!
Follow their lead – if it’s magic for them, great! If not, don’t force it.
Emphasize on dressing up and not candy.
Let them run!
Don’t stay out too late.
Stay in a group!
Bring snacks, a sippy cup, and a stroller.
Make sure the costume is still cute even if they take the headpiece off.
Have low expectations.
Make sure everyone eats dinner first.
Don’t over-plan.
Pace yourself, end the night when your toddler starts getting cranky.
Let your significant other take them.
Hide the dog so he doesn’t bark every time the doorbell rings and wakes up the baby!!
Have fun it’s only for one night.
Be prepared to NOT get any sleep that night.

May the Force be with you…
May rapunzel’s hair stay in place…
May you not have squashed Tootsie Rolls in your carpet this year…

We’re with you mom and dad!
Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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