What Are The Key Benefits of Music?

Here at Gymboree Play & Music our music program is designed to support growth and development, while reinforcing children’s cognitive, physical, and social areas of learning. Through participation in Music classes, your child will benefit from the following areas of development…

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Musical Development – We use play, song, movement, and musical exploration to teach your child the basic elements of music, and help develop and support rhythmic development and tonal development.

Speech & Language Development – Gymboree Play & Music classes will help support your child’s language comprehension, understanding  of vocabulary, expressive language skills and the ability to form words and sentences.

Physical Development – Movement is an essential factor in your child’s development. Our program features a wealth of movement activities to support children’s physical development and promote gross motor skills, fine motor skills and physical health.

Cognitive Development – Our music program encourages mental development, supporting growth in your child’s cognitive abilities, such as cause & effect, reasoning & problem solving, memory, spatial-temporal awareness and mathematical skills.

Social-Emotional Development – The social setting of our music program will support your child in developing temperament, attachment, social competence, emotional regulation and empathy.

Creative Development – As your child grows and develops his/her musical abilities, you will begin to observe more creative play and development, supporting musical expression, creative movement & dance, fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration.

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