Meet GymboFams Ambassador Barbara

Hi my name is Barbara, my son has been going to Gymboree Play & Music in San Francisco since he was a baby. He is now 3 1/2 and has been in the preschool class since last July. We love Gymboree Play & Music so much.


The teachers are all so nice here and Alexander loves playing on the equipment. He loves doing art projects in the classroom and he loves playing basketball. He just loves Gymboree Play & Music overall.

When Alex is not at Gymboree Play & Music he is at home playing with his cars, hot wheels and monster trucks, or watching Mickey Mouse who is his all time favorite. He also loves lightning mcqueen from Cars.

He loves green so much and it is his favorite color, in class he is always asking for things that are green, paint, crayons, toys, stickers. And when he signs in he asks for the green marker to citcle his name. He is such a great and happy little boy especially when he is at Gymboree Play & Music and the teachers loves him and call him their baby, since he is the smallest kid in class.

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