April At Home Activity: Play Ball!

Spring is here and, you know what that means….PLAYTIME! April is Wobble month here at Gymboree Play & Music. Balance and coordination are vital for our kiddos in their development. Let’s get our wobble on with some fun games and activities!

Best part of all? All the below activities will be taking place at your local Gymboree Play & Music!

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 5.55.39 PM.png

PLAY BALL! Throwing, rolling, kicking, catching…they all help your little one learn balance and coordination skills.

Learning to throw, roll, kick and catch a ball is a great way for little ones to work on their balance and coordination skills!

Try  rolling a large, light ball back and forth on the floor with your child or throw a balloon in the air and catch it to promote good balance skills.

Activities like kicking a ball requires balance and coordination as your little one has to shift weight to one leg, while attempting to strike the ball with the opposite leg.

Practice at home! There are so many ways balls can help with balance and coordination in your child! Simple catch is great. Or have them try to catch the ball in a basket, rather than using their hands. Kick a ball towards a target while walking or running is another simple way to improve balance for kids. You can also bring out bats or sticks and have them strike an object into a goal. The possibilities are endless!

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